Podcast – How To Transcend Frequencies And Attract Anything You Want

We look but we do not see. Because we look with the wrong eye. Hope all is well with you. In today’s episode we explore the energy field and ways to transcend bad frequencies to really attract the life we desire.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.





2 thoughts on “Podcast – How To Transcend Frequencies And Attract Anything You Want

  1. Thanks for sharing. I believe in Energy, Frequency, and Vibration. I practice raising mine, because life truly sucks when it’s too low. Some people would say I have “blow you down” energy, but for me it’s necessary when large amounts of other people are in the same space. There are lots of energies, frequencies and vibrations afoot. You have to be very mindful of which to join and which to flee. As far as getting what serves me in life…I believe timing is also key. Don’t waste energy on things that don’t serve or you’ll deplete yourself and miss out. It takes practice and purpose.

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    1. Thank you for your time Jen. Hope all is well. I agree with you and It’s always an exciting moment for me to read your comments. And yes, life sucks when we vibrate low… That’s why it’s important to have people who practice raising their frequency.

      Timing is key, but isn’t time a very vague concept? I do believe, we never miss out on anything. I think time is always right on time. It’s an orchestra… If you know what I mean.

      I believe the reason why things happen the way they do it’s because they’re meant to happen or else they wouldn’t in the first place. I think “missing out” is only the feeling we get when we think we’re not in alignment or when we think we missed out on something good. We’re actually usually being redirected to something much much better. I think somehow, we’re always aligned with whatever we have to be. I agree that we shouldn’t -consciously- waste energy on things that are not serving. However, whenever we -unconsciously- happen to do so we have to forgive ourselves because it was to teach us something. It was meant to be… I used to believe we experience the Universe. But I’m starting to think it’s the opposite; the Universe experiences life through each one of us. The purpose of life is equilibrium. Keep doing what you do.

      Infinite love peace and wisdom!


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