Never Become Like The People Who Hurt You

Sometimes it’s hard to get back up when we’ve been burnt either by other people or by unwanted situations. We sometimes go to that dangerous dark place where we usually loose ourselves and turn into the people who hurt us. We transform into their energy. It happens to everybody. However, one thing to always remember when going down there; it’s okay to contemplate the shadows for a little while for they will show you the light, but never allow the shadows to turn you into the same monsters who hurt you and despised you. They turned into monsters because they allowed the shadows to become part of them. They lost themselves and forgot their true loving nature. Never allow that to happen to you. Even when under the influence of the shadows always remain focus on the light. Believe me I know a couple things about shadows and struggles. Pain messes you up and sometimes even make you believe you deserve to suffer for the rest of your life. Therefore we often seek the shadows because they become the only thing we know. It’s a love and hate relationship. We become consumed just like Golum in The Lord of The Rings became infatuated with the ring. He knew very well the ring was bad for him but she was now a part of him. It happens to people all the time. It happens to us when we are hurt. But if we remember our true nature is love and that love from the Universe does not hurt, we can use the shadows to grow greater and more loving.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.






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