Choose Abundance and Reject Any Form Of Lack

It’s safe to say we all know that feeling of lack. And I’m not necessarily talking about materialistic lack but also – mostly – non materialistic feeling of lack. I’m pretty sure you know oh too well how it feels like to feel you are not enough and unworthy. Relationships often excel at making us feel like crap. Some people also excel at it. You’ve been in those relationships and met with those people. They do everything they can to make you feel like being yourself is not enough. They go to the stupidest extent to make sure you feel miserable while swearing it’s love. We know those relationships and friendships; they are here one moment then gone by the wind the next. We have those kind of encounters sometimes. But here’s the thing. Without bad relationships and friendships, we wouldn’t be striving for better ones. And before being mad at people, remind yourself we’re all conditioned with lack. It’s a lie. We are source energy, therefore our true nature is abundance. But obviously if we never strive for more, the machine has more. We are programed to compete and believe that if one wins the other must loose. It’s another lie. Everybody can win. Life is not a competition and you should get away from anyone who make you feel lack. There’s enough for everyone to go around. So don’t worry about your ex who got in a relationship first or about the guy who makes six figures a year. You don’t know their path.

Nevertheless, even tho contrasts are all those things we don’t want to experience, they are necessary for our growth. Human beings learn like monkeys. You’ve been at the zoo. You’ve seen how apes behave. Well that’s us folks, sorry. When we first discovered how to make fire, we had to touch it to realize it could burn and harm us. Now we know. Fire burns, so we stay away. It’s the same thing for everything else we go through in life. That’s how our brain works.

However, our brain also have that awesome ability to bounce back and recover from any kind of trauma or personal injustice. The most amazing thing about our existence is  that we are energy and vibrations. Stardust to be more precise. And this is no fantasy. NASA knows this. We are made of every element they find in space.

We are nothing less but bundles of energy which is good news for everybody because energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another. This means two things 1) we are eternal so everyone who’s passed and gone still exist somewhere and 2) we can always transform ourselves. Just release and let go of any feeling of lack. Strive for abundance, stimulating relationships/friendships and fulfilling experiences. We can win.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.


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