Conditional Love Vs Unconditional Love

Is your love conditional or unconditional? Do you know what true unconditional love is? Do you love yourself for who you are? Do you love others for who they truly are? Can you accept and embrace your own differences? Can you accept and embrace others differences? Can you recognize your own uniqueness? Can you recognize others uniqueness without envy and jealousy? People who love themselves conditionally, love others conditionally. People who love themselves unconditionally know how to love unconditionally. Do you love yourself unconditionally? Can you love yourself without conditions? Don’t wait to love yourself until you loose 30 pounds. Love yourself regardless of those 30 pounds and that extra weight will be easier to loose if that is your goal. Don’t wait to love yourself until you make six figures a year. Love yourself regardless of your income etc. Practicing unconditional self-love is the gateway to true love. There’s a place where we can find that love. Just look deep within and you can find that infinite amount of love. It’s generated there in abundance. We cannot truly love anyone unconditionally if we hold conditions to love our own selves. So let’s open our heart. Let’s love without conditions.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.












5 thoughts on “Conditional Love Vs Unconditional Love

  1. Only a few understand the difference between being in love and in relationship. Relationships are what always difficult.

    The beauty of experience of unconditional love surpasses any other ecpience on earth. It’s the ultimate rejoice and bliss.

    Only the brave heart can do.

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    1. Thank you for your time Bhanu. It’s always nice to see you here. I agree. There are lots of differences between being in love and in relationship that many people don’t understand. It’s because most of us did not learn true love. We merely all grew up learning conditional love. Most people we encounter love us if we are the way they want us to, otherwise they reject us. Nevertheless, yes, unconditional love is the ultimate rejoice and bliss. Matter of fact, it’s the purest form of all love. But it’s start from within. Hope all is well with you.

      Infinite love peace and wisdom!


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