Believing In Something Helpful

What are the beliefs that drive your life? Do your beliefs help you and others expand? Do you believe your gender is better? Do you believe your religious or spiritual beliefs are better? Do you believe your morals and values are better? Do you believe your country is better? Do you believe your skin color is better? Do you believe your  sexual orientation is better? Do you believe you are smarter than average? Do you believe your lifestyle is better? Let me tell you a little story you’re going to like since you seem to appreciate when I overshare. I used to hate my family for looking so physically different than me. Which I didn’t realize made me hate myself. I used to be so mad at my little brother for trying to hit me with a knife when we were kids… He even ran after me with it. I used to hate my family so bad for not being able to be myself around them. Which I didn’t realize made me mistrust myself and wear masks. My mother only has a high school diploma, she’s been working in restaurants her whole life. Any conversation with her is very limited. I used to look down on her which I didn’t realize made me look down on myself. My father didn’t even finish high school. He’s been driving trucks for over 30 years. Conversations with him are also very limited. They got divorced when I was in elementary school. They had a very bad marriage. My brother and I have witnessed a lot of verbal abuse…

Fast forward, I never realized how bad I was controlled and conditioned by my past up until a few years ago, when I got the wake up call we all get one way or another. That call asked me to change my beliefs because the beliefs I had at the time were not serving me. The beliefs I had that were separating me from everyone else, were also separating me from thyself. Big mistake. The most important individual we absolutely do not want to get separated from is thyself. When we separate ourselves from our soul, our life does not look so good. Sometimes we think our beliefs are serving us when they are slowly and internally killing us. When our soul gets sick, our body becomes ill. We are designed to unify, because we are one. We’re all tiny manifestations of the same energy source. Therefore separation is an illusion. Others are fragmental mirror pieces of who we are. So when you create separation from someone for being different, keep in mind you are separating from yourself as well.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.











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