In Doers We Trust

Let’s do more than we talk. Let’s be doers. Change your world around you by becoming a doer. Be the person who does what they say they would. Stand out by being the person who surprises everybody. Inspire your surroundings by showing them how it’s possible to rise and fall only to rise again. The world was built by doers. If it wasn’t for doers, we would have no houses, no clothes, no books, no amazing new recipes, no hair dye, no music, no phones, no cars, no technology, no internet, no computers, no radios, no chairs, no glasses nor silverware, no paper, no pencils, no math, no sciences… Well you get the gist. Yet, they are the ones who are rejected, bullied and ignored. They are socially mistreated for being smart and original. We are treated like we are crazy.

Do you not see and understand how our collective consciousness is messed up? Do you not see how things need to change around here? Do you understand that we are the creators? If you are lucky enough to be different, don’t you ever change to fit the messed up norm. They want you to feel crazy because they are so deeply conditioned they do not see they’re the indoctrinated ones. They can’t think for and by themselves. They need validation. As much as they hate the system, they need it to survive. That’s why it’s important that we be confident and persistent. Dreams are useless if they are not realized. Realize your dreams today. Change the world by being a doer. You know that book you want to write and publish? Go for it. I know you have lots of business and projects ideas on your night stand or in your closet. Well just do it. Of course they will laugh at you, mock you and probably reject you or leave you. But remember why they do it. They don’t have a mind on their own. Let’s be strong. Let’s be unique. Let’s be proud doers. The more dreamers and doers you surround yourself with, the more creative and proactive you will become. Nevertheless, remember to always treat smart people right. That’s what they need the most; love. Always be nice to a creative “weirdo” and you will have a loyal friend or a loyal lover for life because they will love you for sticking around despite their weirdness.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.

















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