Another Quick Note About Loving Ourselves

I spent so many years hating myself, struggling to fit in. Today at the age I’m at, I realized I wasted several precious fun years rejecting myself, attracting people who didn’t really love me. I drove myself so sick for doing that. I fought so hard not to be the black sheep in the room that it made me loose myself for a bit… I guess, lessons learned. Truth is, I’m a misfit. There is not one specific category you can put me in…  I can chill with you listening to your favorite music band if that’s what you are into. I can also entertain a deep conversation about Science stuff and the Universe. If you want to go hiking or do extreme sports, I’m also in for that. I’m very versatile which makes me appear volatile to a lot of people. Thing is I like to experiment and I guess it’s my way to live life to the fullest. Nevertheless, I keep thinking, if only I would have loved myself sooner… If only I would have accepted myself earlier… Can you imagine where I would be today? But, then I realize, I don’t know where I would be… Does it really matter? The most important thing is I’m consciously here today, wiser, smarter, more loving, more caring… I’m more aware. Those years are not lost years. They are forging years. They forged me in becoming the stronger/greater version of who I am today. Out with shoulda woulda coulda… In with the now. I strongly believe that’s the true meaning of loving oneself. Let’s love ourselves deeply so that we can better love one another.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.















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