We’re All Gifted With Something

The purpose of our lives is to discover our gift and give it away. But I understand if your gift is not painting, singing , drawing or dancing, it is harder and more subtle to find. Your gift may be teaching, cooking, public speaking, motivating people, designing clothes, sports, activism, hair styling, starting businesses, designing websites, researching information, healing people, creating new technology, engineering, hosting parties or large scale events, making weird tasty drinks, rescuing animals, fixing things, customer service, selling, marketing, gardening, retaining large amount of information, making people laugh, agriculture, sharing information, writing… etc. The possibilities are endless. One thing for sure we all came here with at least one gift. It’s not uncommon for one individual to be multi-gifted. Nevertheless, whether you have one or multiple gifts, it is meant to be shared. Discover your gift then share your gift and the value will increase. But also make sure you’re not surrounded with people envious of your gifts; they might try to take them away from you. Surround yourself with people who see you as a gift or push you to embrace your gifts.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul ❤❤❤










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