What If… We All Changed Our Perception?

Everything is just and only perception. So what if every “no” you get, meant “not yet” ? Every setback meant, “there’s something way better waiting for you”? Every loss meant, “even more is on the way”? And every disappointment meant, “pucker up, buttercup”? What we choose to believe forges the perception we have and dictate the actions we take. For example, we can either choose to believe the world is getting worst or we can choose to believe we are in Great Time of Change and Progress. So which side of the coin do you choose? Whatever you choose to believe today, just remember it has an immediate impact on your life and your life affects us all in some way. With that being said, I don’t know about you, but I pick the side on which well-being is. And I realize, unfortunately, it does mean leaving some people I love behind. I’ve left a lot of people who were attracted by unhealthy drama behind. They tried to pull me into their storm. You probably knew or know individuals like that. They are so deep they don’t realize it. Drama has become normal to them. No matter how hard you try to make them see, they will only see what they want. You can’t drown to save someone. They’ll have to swim up. Also, we need to remind ourselves, it’s not because someone is on a different path, that it means they are lost. You may think they are wrong, but what if it was necessary for them to learn? We all need to experience contrasts in order to change our perception. And it has to come from within for the change to occur, otherwise forget it. Save yourself.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul ❤❤❤

















5 thoughts on “What If… We All Changed Our Perception?

  1. I’m with you…on the side of well-being. I am not a “drama-mama.” I believe that things are as they are supposed to be in this moment. I can deal with them as they are, which rarely affects me in an adverse manner, or I can deal with them in a way that makes me feel miserable. I have the power to choose which. I will choose the higher vibratory pattern of belief and subsequent behavior every time. It just feels better. Much lighter too!

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