Knowing Your Own Worth And Value

We are often selling ourselves short… Too short. And sometimes waaayy too short…We are willing to accept relationships we secretly have no wish to be in. We keep jobs that make us sick and depressed just to be able to pay the rent. We stay around people who bring us down for the sake of not feeling alone. There was a time I was willing to design and program a website or a platform for peanuts because I did not know my own value. I sold myself short so many times… Until one day I could not take it anymore… I can’t recall the exact breaking point in my life when things started shifting because when I look back I never truly gave up on my dreams even when people gave up on me… There’s a reason why I found myself at the hospital for having my sugar levels too low… I had gone days without eating designing a website for a guy who never paid me… I wasn’t on drugs. I don’t buy drugs. I wasn’t drunk. I rarely drink alcohol. I made myself sick for someone who probably had no intention in helping my business grow. This is how bad I always wanted to succeed. I was willing to go dead to taste the pie. I was hanging on. I thought if that guy sees my value… I can prove everyone wrong. But I was selling myself so short… I had no food in my fridge still I was giving that guy a discount. That’s probably why it did not work out. Fast forward, when I look back, I feel so stupid about that… Getting sick over my dreams. Today I make nearly 10k off a deal and I have enough free time to mentor few kids on how to become programmers… Me, a mentor? Makes me laugh!
I always had that tunnel vision. So many people dropped behind me in that tunnel. But when all we can see is our tunnel, we don’t always see clear. Yes, to accomplish our dreams we have to be willing to do whatever it takes. However, we have to make sure we don’t loose our value in that tunnel. Your dreams are important but so is your life. Without life you can’t accomplish your dreams. I long thought my dreams are what give me value, if I can’t accomplish my dreams, I have no value. I went to hell and back to realize it’s the exact opposite… We give value to our dreams. We make our dreams, they don’t make us. Same goes for relationships and whatever else.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul






















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