Why Suffering Is Not Proof Of Love

I wish this post could be seen by the entire world but especially by my ex. I wish we could change our perception of love and pain so that we wouldn’t feel the need to suffer so much… Pain is unhealthy and does not serve as proof of love. Pain destroys. Love builds. Pain is insane. Love is sane. Pain depresses. Love uplifts. Pain works under precise conditions. Love works without the need for conditions. Pain opens wounds. Love mends scars. Pain is controlling and manipulative. Love is freeing. Pain is jealous. Love is content. Pain is lack. Love is abundance. Pain is limited. Love is unlimited. Pain tells lies. Love shows the truth. Pain is misery and poverty. Love is wealth. Pain makes people change. Love makes people progress. Pain is unfair. Love is fair. Pain cheats. Love plays by the rules. You want to show someone you truly love them, try not to hurt them. This may be  your family, your lover or your friend.

With that being said, It’s safe to say some people probably want you to feel miserable but not necessarily because they hate you. But because they want you to need them; depend on them. That’s how they get their love; they try break you so they can pick up the pieces. It’s unhealthy but they don’t know how to be otherwise. Some people do associate love with pain and drama. They think if they hurt it means they love you so logically if you hurt, it’s a proof of your love.

But the question is: how far will the hurt goes? Will it ever end? See that’s the thing with that mentality; it does not have boundaries. Does somebody need to die for it to stop? Metaphorically, from their perspective, probably. With that kind of logic, if someone wins, that means someone has to loose. But if pain is love, does it mean love is pain? Ain’t love supposed to heal pain? So if love is pain, what heals pain? More pain? Hm. I’m kinda skeptical how deep the rabbit hole truly goes. At one point even the rabbit has to come out. Therefore it does not make any sense to say pain is love because love heals pain. Love and pain are two separate entities, it’s now very clear to me.

Pain is unhealthy but love is healthy. Pain is real but suffering is optional. But see, we’re all a bit messed up and have come to associate love with pain. I’m jealous so I love you. You are suffering because of me, that means you love me. You are miserable without me, that means you need me and I feel needed by you so that means I love you. I don’t know about you, but this sounds a bit like conditional love more than pure healthy unconditional love; I love you as long as you need me. If you progress outside of the neediness, I will probably have to look for someone else to need me to feel loved again…

To my ex and to the whole world : Love is not meant to be painful, people. Open your eyes. Open your heart. Stop hurting one another. Let’s reduce the suicidal, crime and sickness rate. Love yourself. Love your neighbor. Love the people. Love me. Free the people. Free me.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul






3 thoughts on “Why Suffering Is Not Proof Of Love

  1. If you’re open to a different point of view, I’d like to offer this food for thought…
    While it’s true, all the things you said ‘pain is…’ ARE painful, those things aren’t actually pain… they are the painful symptoms of wounds we carry within our emotional self.

    Unless it’s an extremely toxic relationship, most often these ‘painful’ things we think are caused by other people are, in reality, only their ability to ‘poke’ wounds we already have.

    When we feel an uncomfortable or painful feeling, if we stop and question what it may be trying to tell us, what deeper wound is this feeling trying to make us aware of, we often find that the injury existed long before this person said or did whatever triggered the pain.

    Just offering a different perspective… and I hope you are in a much better place now, as it sounds like you went through a very unhappy time at one point.

    All the best!

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    1. Thank you for your time Amanda. I always find people who express themselves very brave and interesting. I appreciate this. I’ve been on your blog and since you are a LOA advocate like myself, I’m pretty sure a lot of what i’m about to say will sound very familiar to you.

      We attract what we are whether we are manifesting things on a conscious level or not. Using physics we can explain this phenomenon with something called the string theory or quantum entanglement (I`ve made a podcast on that). We are vibration, energy and frequency (Nicole Tesla).

      Much of what is found in the Universe is nearly found in us. Therefore it only makes sense to say we harvest the seeds we nurture. The seeds being the thoughts we have, the actions and the decisions we take. So of course if we think pain is love, that is what we attract. Pain is the ultimate symptom. However, having moved a bit higher in the conscious realm(according to Esther Hicks, moving into my vortex), I`m able to see love and pain are two different separate entities, even tho one needs another to exist. As above so below as within so without. The world outside is in direct correlation with the world inside of us. Now you start understanding the deeper meaning of this post. It’s not so much about my ex or me… But about the human collective consciousness (Carl Jung). How we think things into action into consciousness and that is why we experience suffering. Because a lot of us do associate pain with love, reason why, as you’ve mentioned it is found inside of us then expressed outside (inside out, right?). But things would change if we understood love is not supposed to be painful.Love is what is supposed to ease the pain that is inside of us. But since we all think we need to experience pain, more of it is being produced and shared not only on the individual level but also on a social level (and I will not turn this into politics but you can make up a nice picture).

      However, that is where we all at. So far right now at our stage of consciousness, being the extremely young and undeveloped species that we are, that is how the human brain learns. Without experiencing contrasts we wouldn’t discover the other side of the spectrum. Contrasts are all those things we do not truly want to experience in life but still happen to teach us what we need to know. I’ve made an article on that here : https://xperiencedimension.wordpress.com/2017/01/02/the-contrasts-of-our-lives-are-blessingslessons/

      I often use my own experiences to showcase something deeper. Like a deeper understanding of a phenomenon. And I use the energy that does not feel so good to plant a seed of wellness. The seed often being represented by a blog post. This means once the post is released, the emotion has already been transformed. I’m enjoying this. Hopefully I didn’t intimidate you with my answer. I’d like to hear your thoughts on that 🙂

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