Few Words On Equilibrium And Exo Planets

It is a great day to speak of equilibrium. NASA announced finding a new solar system (TRAPPIST) which harbors seven potentially habitable planets. If we accept their conclusion as true and choose not to fall in conspiracy theories, I think this raises the importance of equilibrium at a much higher level. If those so called planets crawl with intelligent life as we know it, this brings a lot of unanswered questions to the table. Majorly, questions like: What is the importance of our own solar system in the Universe? What is our role as human beings? Do we even have a role to play? Our views and our world suddenly expand. We are not alone and it is confirmed. Excellent news. It is also an excellent time to find the true meaning of balance and equilibrium… Speaking of which, yesterday I had a great conversation about balance with a friend. We spoke of identity. I think it is our quest as human beings to look for the perfect identity we feel most comfortable identifying with. A shattered identity equals a shattered mind/system. Without a define identity we are vulnerable. It is not only true on the individual level but also on the social and political level. Without identity, we are at lost with a wandering soul. Left nonexistent, malleable. One becomes barely unrecognizable from one sheep to another. Therefore the individual equilibrium becomes false. At a much wider scale, without identity, without balance, our world is at sake… The same way people with stronger identities can walk all over someone with lesser sense of equilibrium, without identity our planet could be running to her own demise. With that principle, it is easy to see and understand how everything is related, even more now. Perfect timing for us all to find equilibrium within ourselves and as a unified human race.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul




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