Being Prisoner Of Our Own Mind

It’s crazy how we put limits on our own selves. How many times do we say no to ourselves when we really want to say yes and we say yes to others when we really want to say no? Can you recall the last time you actually agreed with yourself? Maybe it’s been a while… Maybe you should say yes to yourself more often. Too many times, we keep ourselves prisoners in our own mind and body. We appose barriers and boundaries that keep us from shining because we believe we do not deserve sun. It’s not uncommon for many of us humans to befriend the shadows and the darkness… The shadows and darkness being the negative thoughts we hold : “I’m too old” , “I’m too young”, “I’m too fat”, “I’m too pale”, “I’m too dark”, “I’m too poor”, “I’m too stupid”, “I’m too ugly”, “I’d like to but I can’t…” Overtime, all those negative beliefs create a prison that holds us hostage in our mind. Some people die in their prison without tempting to ever get out… They get lost between the walls of the maze they self-create. But one thing for sure, no maze is too complex for the Universe. Love will always remain the one true savior. Release all your grudges, they too are holding you hostage in your mind. If you’ve been wronged by a family member, friend or lover… Forgive others so that you can find peace. Love yourself. It’s okay to say no to others when it does not feel right and yes to yourself when it feels right. Enjoy your life. We’re all here on Earth doing the exact best we believe we can.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.























13 thoughts on “Being Prisoner Of Our Own Mind

  1. I think many times, we MUST believe the stories we tell ourselves, because if we aren’t too old, or too fat, or too stupid to do X, then what does that say about the rest of our lives? Often, it’s too painful to contemplate what we could have been/done/experienced, so our stories must remain…

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    1. Thank you for your time Amanda. Well, here’s my take on beliefs. I think we should only believe the stories that help us grow and progress… If the stories we believe harm us more than they heal us, we should absolutely not believe in them… I believe the reason things happen the way they do it’s because they have to happen otherwise they wouldn’t happen. What needs to happen will happen all in due time. Therefore there is no regrets to have. Sometimes we think we are ready but the Universe says “not yet.” What could have been is a false thought… Often time, we think certain things should have been but truth is, if it did not happen it’s because it was not meant to… well at least not at the time we thought it should have.

      We never really stray away from our path because we are always walking on a path to somewhere… You know that feeling we get sometimes? The feeling that we should do more or change? It’s our intuition guiding us and our soul asking us to expand. Our Soul is always seeking expansion… The only thing that remains and will always remain is the path;our journey to wellness. The stories and the people change all the time… People come and go. Situations shift. One interesting fact tho, according to Isaac Newtons law of motion, energy is never still. Energy is always moving from one form to another… Energy cant be destroyed nor created. It can only be transformed. We are mostly energy and vibration. So we as humans, have the potential to be whatever we tell ourselves we can be. We have the power to shift energy and transform at any given time (look up neuroplasticity and epigenetics). It all starts with our mind.

      Hope all is well. Stay creative.

      Infinite love peace and wisdom!

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    1. Thank you Eric for your time. I like that new username of yours. I did not recognize you at first lol. Rocks. Well, it depends which scientists you refer to… Some biologists do not believe in free will because they believe we are results of our genetics/emotions/chemicals… But other biologists believe in epigenetics and have done countless research on the subject. Their results show we do have the power to modify our DNA sequence by changing our thoughts. If we ask Neuroscientists, the majority of them will tell you it is indeed possible through neuroplasticity… Our brain forms new connections based on experiences.

      However, some psychologists like Watson, Skinner and Pavlov believe we are nothing more than programmable machines who can be conditioned through stimuli.

      Now if we travel to the realm of physics, it’s a whole other story… But, even among physicists the subject of free will is divided. There’s a reason for that: nobody knows what consciousness is… How it is created and where it comes from. Each field of work (psychology, biology, quantum physics, philosophy…etc.) has their views and theories, but nobody comes to a consensus… Our whole existence remain a mystery…

      People like Bill Nye, the science guy, says we are of Martian decent. That makes a lot of sense to me… Mars was an early Earth and is now the result of what will happen to our planet… Earth must have been the only reachable rocky planet from their point of view… Just like Mars is to us… Our ancestors probably saw Earth in their telescope just like we see Mars… They gave it a go and there we are million years later… That is why NASA has a very strong Martian interest… This is our ancestry… Not me who says it, ask Bill.

      Nevertheless… I think all those different people who make different theories on free will, consciousness and our origins kind of prove something… no? 😉

      I don’t know… Hope all is well with you.

      Infinite love peace and wisdom!


      1. I’ve been listening to Sean Carroll, Susan Blackmore, Sam Harris and many others who seem to agree that free will is an illusion. They’ve done the famous Libet experiment where your brain knows what you’re going to do 6 seconds before ‘you’ do. So…I guess there’s many different angles and takes and shades on this age old question. They say humans will cling tenaciously to the idea we have free will. If you’re religious at all then free will is a huge part of it. We choose good or bad, heaven or hell and your choices will determine how you spend eternity!! Sam Harris seems to think we have no free will, but we’re still able to influence our environment and lives with minor nudges this way or that.
        So..personally with my razor sharp 20/20 hindsight I can see that many of my worries, concerns, huge efforts, tearing my hair out, banging against walls, 15 years sitting Zen etc..has done very little to make a course change in my life. It seems to go the way it goes with no help from me.
        Thanks for the tip on Bill Nye and martians. Oh boy!! Something new to investigate! Thanks

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      2. Well I mean Eric… Don’t you see it? Can’t you feel it? Of course if you believe you don’t have free will or you can’t change your thoughts, that is what you are getting… And of course that is the kind of information you are going to look for to validate your point of view…

        Meditating without believing in meditation is like buying a lottery ticket without actually believing you can win. It surely is a waste of time… But I doubt you sat Zen for 15 years without getting anything out of it… Meditation is supposed to release negativity… to bring peace. If you can’t find peace, you must ask yourself; do I want to find peace? Whatever you want and believe will find a way to manifest and come to you… There are several ways to meditate other than sitting in the lotus position… You have to find a way that works for you… Meditation is just a fancy word to say “fighting demons.” Surely if you believe you can’t fight them, they will win you over…

        Yes Bill Nye. I will find the link to the video of him speaking of our Martian ancestry and link it back here. It’s on Big Think YouTube Playlist. Big Think another great media outlet!


      3. In zen tradition meditation is only to see what is. One becomes like a mirror only reflecting what is. Negativity arises…ahh..negativity. Peace arises…ah peace. Doubt and wasted of time arises…Ah..doubt. If I were to tell a Zen Master that I sat Zen for 15 years and got nothing out of it he/she would say, “Ah..correct, perfect!!” and he’d boink me on the head with the zen stick. Then we’d both laugh like crazy. I don’t fight demons, I sit with them. Have tea with them. Offer them food.
        So..free will or no free will doesn’t matter in how this life unfolds. It’s interesting to ponder and scratch my head over, but that’s just more thinking. My thoughts tell me it’s easier to believe in no free will. Then life will be what it will be and ‘I’ can stop fighting against it. I can stop fighting to make outcomes. Stop trying to make this person like me or that person work with me or how come this or how come that? I actually still sit meditation, but just not formally.
        Bill Nye..Big Think Youtube. I can feel my martian antennae rising out of my head NOW. LOL.

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      4. Eric, It is clear to me you understand what meditation is;your words prove that you got everything you needed from it. When I said “to get something out of it” it was not literally. If you get more questions than answers, that’s exactly the point. But we you should find peace in the questions because they hold answers. It’s not a black and white thing. If you understand you can’t change nor control people that’s a lot… You’re smarter than average. And if you’re capable to sit and have tea with your demons, that’s even more impressive.

        About free will… You can believe in whatever you want… As long as it makes a positive impact in your life.

        I’m glad you found the video of Bill Nye. Funny guy. Interesting theory lol.


      5. And you’re right. I might try some guided meditation or another flavor. I’ve only ever done Zen. Good point.
        And..right again..I really only experience free will, but I’ve been questioning lately. Anyway..thanks for the conversation. Good thoughts on it.

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      6. A guy like you probably already heard of Wim Hof? He didn’t create anything, but he popularized the “hyperventilating” breathing technique that has been used for centuries. The idea is to teach your body how to oxygenate and regenerate cells in the nervous system by breathing in and out at a rapid pace about 30 times or more if you can. Then hold your breath for as long as you can. Then release. Then breathe in and keep it in. Then breathe out and hold your breath. Repeat this 4 times the first time.

        This creates high amount of Adrenalin. If you feel lightheaded and a bit “dizzy” the first time you do it, that is working. Actually, it should give you a little “high”and you should feel like your body is freezing from inside every single time you do it. If you don’t feel tingly, lightheaded or like your body is freezing from the inside, you either need to breathe in/out for more than 30 times or you’re not doing it right. Some people do it by the nose others by the mouth. Do what works best. You can also alternate.

        The more you do it, the longer you will be able to hold your breathe and go without oxygen for long periods of time because you teach your immune system how to self-sustain and create Adrenalin at a very high level.

        Once you get good at it, you can push your limits further and do it outside in the cold, without putting your coat on. If you don’t live somewhere there is snow, do it while taking an ice cold bath or shower or outside very early in the morning when the temperature is below zero or closed to it.

        As you progress, you’re going to build very strong antibodies and you will be able to sustain very low temperatures for long period of times without breathing… After just a few days practicing this, you will have totally reprogrammed your nervous system. This will have positive effects not only on your body but on your overall thinking pattern.

        Give it a try if you haven’t already and tell me how it goes. But before practicing, please make sure you document yourself heavily and absolutely do not do this while standing the first time. Also, when doing it outside, it’s important that you expose yourself to the cold gradually. So if your body starts shivering like crazy, get back to the warmth immediately. I trust that you will read on the subject. I absolutely take no responsibility for whatever happens to you lol.


      7. I’m on it! Never heard of it except I used to do Kundalini yoga, which has a lot of breath work in combination with body movement. I checked out Wim Hof’s website. I live in New England, so it’s 20 degrees in the morning. Ok..I’ll let ya know.


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