Sweet Words On Externalizing Power, Manifesting Happiness, Abundance And Love

The secret to manifesting more happiness, abundance and love is to stop externalizing our power and live more purposely. Relationships and people can sure be a great source of joy, but they can also cause a lot of stress. Humans are vibrationnal in nature and since energy is always in motion, change is a natural thing bound to happen. However, while some people progress and change for the better, others seem to regress… Hence why it’s important we internalize our power. When we externalize our power, we easily allow external forces to control our emotions/life. Truth is, nobody is responsible for our own happiness. We are. So if you tie your purpose to people, sooner or later you will taste the bitterness of your decisions… Because it’s a natural thing.

The love we all seek is within. If you can’t find love within, nobody can give you the amount you are longing for. And if they can, what happens if they leave or decide to give you less? You are now left feeling empty…

To live purposely means to have a purpose and focus on a mission. Have a goal that is bigger than you, go on and touch lives. That goal of yours don’t have to be big. It can be small. But it has to be something that brings you joy… Something safe you can always lean on when you’re not strong. Something that can provide you with great sense of accomplishment, infinite amount of love, abundance and happiness. For instance… Some people like gardening so much they set themselves on a mission to plant trees across their country or all over the world. Others rely on music, arts, design, architecture, technology, traveling, comedy, teaching, cooking, writing, servicing… The possibilities are endless. But that’s the secret to manifesting infinite happiness, abundance and love. Listen to your calling. Look within… We’re all creators…

A great way to finding purpose is to look at everything you do as being an art form. You cook? That’s an art form. You write? Art. You teach? Art. You give public speeches? Art. You’re a life coach? Art. Customer service? Art. Wood worker? Art. Philosopher? Art. Taxi driver? Art. You get the gist. Everything is and can be purposeful if we look at it that way. if you don’t find purpose in what you do, change what you do.

I like to say “This is not what I do, this my lifestyle…” That’s much much better.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.














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