Magnetic And Magical Note On Authenticity

Oh my… Do I have a lot to say about authenticity? I’m thinking about a lot of people I’d like to call their name out loud right now… Ouff… If I wasn’t diplomatic or classy I would go publicly ham on those hypocrite fake faces… But this is not what I’m about. This is not what AD is about. AD is all about wellness and well-being. It wouldn’t make me feel better. The list is too long to mention anyway… And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. I bet you too have your share of names you would like to call out loud, right? But let’s stay composed… Shall we? Let’s remain in this abundant, vibrant, loving, self-expanding, peaceful and care-free dimension.

People who wear masks find themselves stranded at some point in their life anyway and they have no other choices but to show their true face.  If it’s not with you, they’re going to have to do it with someone else, because the masks we wear always end up wearing us thin. Yup. I said “we.” Because we all wear disguises and masks from time to time. We all hide parts of ourselves we believe would not get accepted… That’s where my understanding of those who wear masks come from. I know, because I’ve wore masks for the longest of time. But after a while I realized my masks were starting to wear me off. Who was I? The mask I became… or was it the mask who became me?

Fast forward, I’m slowly parting ways with all of my masks … taking one mask off at the time… However, yes, you’re right, some masks are harder to remove… We’ve all seen the movie “The Mask” with Jim Carrey (I’m assuming, if you haven’t go watch it). Some masks are really really hard to remove because we’ve been wearing them for so long; they’ve become a comfort zone. We hardly leave the house without them. We put on a show. We want to look impressive and perfect. Truth is, there is much more beauty in your imperfection.

Embrace the people who want to see you without disguises. Surround yourself with authenticity and substance… We shouldn’t have to wear masks to feel loved. Be authentic. Masks are humanly fabricated. They’re meant to hide the real you. And guess what? Someone is in love with the real you.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.


























8 thoughts on “Magnetic And Magical Note On Authenticity

    1. Thank you for your time Amanda. Well… It depends on the situation right? You’ve probably found yourself in situations where you were being really authentic and that’s why you could spot someone else being inauthentic… It’s a paradigm of duality/contrast. How do we know what’s hot? Because we know what cold is like. Hot does not know hot or cold does not know cold. Do you know what I mean? If you told the fire it is hot, it would probably do not understand what you are talking about. Same way you would tell the iceberg it was cold… You probably heard of Plato Allegory Of The Cave, yes? Another example… It’s only when we are vibrating at higher frequency that we can tell we were previously low. When we are low, we don’t necessarily know it. And when do we learn we are low? When we get the desire to vibrate higher. You know what I mean? But it is a case by case basis… Some people say, it takes a liar to spot another liar. I think everything is only half the truth.

      Hope all is well with you… Stay creative.

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      1. ‘Truth’ is a tricky concept. We like to believe that it’s simple, universal… but it isn’t.
        What is true for me may not be true for you, and what’s true today may be false tomorrow.
        This notion can be upsetting to some, because they find comfort and peace within ‘Truth’, within knowing that some things ARE… but ‘truth’ is just as subject to our beliefs and personal experience as anything else in our reality.
        I’m not really sure why I wrote that, or how it actually relates to your response, but I’ll leave it here just the same!

        I really enjoy your blog, and the thought-provoking posts you write… and that’s the truth! Lol

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      2. I agree. Truth is indeed tricky, because it is, like you said, subjective. But I think there are things that can be observed as objectively true from everyone perspective. For example, if you’re sitting on a navy couch, I believe everyone that comes in your house can agree that 1)you have a couch in your living room 2)your couch is navy blue and 3) you were sitting on it when they got in. Your couch is something objectively observable. Now the subjective part gets involved when we step in the realm of perception. For instance, the comfort level and physical appealing of your couch are subjective truths.

        Another example, if someone robs the bank, the objective truth is someone robbed the bank. But the reason why they did it is subjective… From the public Eye they did so because they are heartless and selfish criminals. However, maybe they have no criminal record history at all? You know what I mean?

        I enjoy your input Amanda. We make for great conversations. I did not know my blog was thought provoking lol… I guess I like to challenge my ideas a whole lot more than I previously thought. Have you heard of Esther Hicks, by any chance? I thought maybe you would like to check out her work.


      3. I’ll agree with you on all but point 2 about the couch… color is EXTREMELY subjective… if you doubt that, just recall the white/gold dress phenomenon! What a mess! Lol

        I have indeed heard of Abraham Hicks… I’m not a huge fan… I feel like there’s a whole lot of theatrics there, but I know many people enjoy their work, and I may look into it further at some point, but my spirit resists it at the moment.


      4. The couch was just an example… Maybe a bit silly… if I think of the dress. I do remember. But you get the gist right? Some things can be objectively observed as true… Perception is subjective.

        About Esther Hicks… forget about the theatrical aspect of her work… Her message is much more deeper. She’s the one who started speaking about the LOA. She was supposed to be in the Secret but something went wrong with the publishing company. She speaks about it on Oprah radio show… But hey, I understand not everything is for everyone… We all use different ways to ascend/transcend.. The idea is to take what’s good and leave the rest. So be it 😉


      5. Well, I decided that I had been a bit hasty in my judgement, because I was basing it on my opinion from before I had reached my current level of understanding, LONG before, and you are the 2nd person to mention AH to me in the past week, so I have been listening to some videos with a new perspective, and they are much better than I remember them being, lol… or perhaps I am ready to hear the message now… either way, thanks for the suggestion!

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      6. Amanda, maybe go for the audiobook Ask And It Is Given first? Then move on to the theatrical YouTube version of her concept… But I really like what you’ve said there… “[..] perhaps I am ready to hear the message now.” There you go, one step forward on your path. We can only receive what we are ready to receive… which is the basis of the LOA… There is great and infinite power in taking responsibility for our own lives… It’s really hard tho. Hence why most people shy away from doing so… But that’s also why there’s only a handful of people living in infinite abundance… And I will leave you to that 😉

        Infinite love peace and wisdom!

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