Few Key Words On Manifesting Infinite Abundance

Can you imagine that everything in existence in this world came out of someone’s mind? From the internet, the laptop or tablet you use, the clothes you wear, the car or bicycle you drive, the instrument you play, the music you listen, the movies you watch to the delicious Alfredo sauce you pour on your Fettuccine, someone thought of that… They had the vision and acted on their vision. They believed.

So what do you believe?

Do you believe we should be satisfied with the bare minimum? If you do, well that is why you probably have the bare minimum. Do you believe you can accomplish anything? If you don’t, well reason why you don’t accomplish anything. Do you believe you deserve to be happy? Yes? No? Maybe? Toaster? So a toaster you manifest. You get the drill… Our beliefs are the construct of our actions. I’m a first class witness of  that… I did tumble down the rabbit hole and hit the ground. At times, It’s still intensely hurting my ego… But it’s getting better.

For the longest of time, I did not want to take responsibility for anything bad that was happening in my life… The results of that disbelief were devastating. I thought the whole world was out to get me… What we believe manifest in our life… Nothing just “happened.” Tell your ex AD said that. From the experiences we go through to the people we meet, there is something bigger at play here… Bigger than our simple human mind can comprehend.

Coincidences are really rare people…

Carl Jung described coincidences as synchronicity…  He spoke about how events that first seem to be unrelated hold deeper meaning that we later come to understand. Jung also talked about collective consciousness…

We are consciousness and abundance. We are electromagnetic vibrations. The Earth is a magnetic energy field and we are energy. Do you believe that or do  you believe it is crap? Did you know that birds tap into the electromagnetic field to orient themselves? Go head Google it. They follow Earth vibrations. Do you believe we are vibrations? Do you believe by changing our thoughts, our electromagnetic frequency, we can transform our energy into anything  we want? It works. Just believe it does.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.
















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