Staying On Top Of The Energy Game

From our childhood illusions, teenage dreams to our adult fantasies, life can be really hard. Yes, deception is real. People will deceive  you and you will probably deceive them too. Your family, your friends, your lover, even your personal journey will make you go through emotional hardships. However, suffering is optional. If being hurt is just another part of life, so is being happy and joyful. There is a difference between feeling defeated and being defeated. You see, there is an abundant energy source that lives within all of us. We can’t see it, but we can feel it. It’s that little intuitive voice which we have inner dialogue with everyday.

Don’t mistake it for the ego. The ego will tell you horrible things “how ugly and stupid you are and how much people hate you.” The ego often speaks louder than your source energy. While your ego screams self-limiting things, source energy is whispering harmony and is calling you to expand. Unfortunately, some of us choose to shut it down and ignore it. Hence why we sometimes feel defeated. We allow the ego to control our energy. We become impulsive and selfish, we hurt people, we hurt ourselves… We lie, we cheat… we murder… We become savages among savages… We live in disbelief of love. We have strong mistrusting skills. We even mistrust our own parents, brothers, sisters and friends… Something ain’t right here, let me tell you that.

There’s a reason for this. Our ego only cares about survival; “I have to stay alive, no matter what it takes! I want to feel good even if it means making someone else feel bad” whereas source energy wants us to feel good at nobody’s expense. There is enough for everybody to go around. That is what the Universe will reveal to you if you allow it to show you a new reality of well-being. You are beautiful. You are enough. You are alright.

Did you know that we are made of every single element found in space? You know what that means? We are scientifically proven to be little walking Universes. 60% water, 40% stardust… What?

Yes, we are source energy. You are Universe. I am Universe. Together we are consciousness. If it sounds like a fairy tale, just turn to quantum physics for answers and see for yourself. So let’s just tune down our ego a little more everyday and allow our inner guidance to tune up a little louder. Let’s practice that. Let’s become good at raising our vibrations and those of others. And before you know it, you are on top of your energy game. People will try to pull you down in their low vibrationnal/emotional state, but it won’t work. You know what happens then? You give them only two choices : stay down or go up. So next time someone tries to pull you into their drama, reply this: “Oh so you want to bring me down, huh? Alright. Why don’t you come up?”


I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.


















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