Beware The Ego

Finding love, peace and abundance within is a tedious task, ain’t it my friend? It requires that we look at the world from inside-out instead of outside-in. Let me tell you… You need not to be validated by others to be and exist. Ah. It’s a lifelong project for many. But why? There are several different reasons for this. One that seems to come back a lot is the ego… It does a lot of damage. The ego breaks relationships, friendships, family bounds and the like. It is self-limiting. It is scarcity. Most of the people I’ve met in my past lived in that state of mind… They were impulsive, confused, self-centered, hypocrite… addicted. A lot of people live in their ego space when they should be practicing living in their heart space. While you might think it is cliché to say all the answers can be found in the heart, well it is not. If we look deep within, all the answers are there. I found many answers there and I continue to find them there.

The problem is not so much finding answers, but accepting them. We often know what to do. But we often choose to do the opposite. We often know what is best for us. Again we tend to choose what makes us feel bad. We think “pain” is a symbol of “love.” We think “they hurt me it means they love me.” This is a ridiculously false premise. You mean to tell me you need to hurt a child in order to show your love? You mean to tell me you need to see someone cry in order to have confirmation of their love for you? What for? Would you not rather see children smile? Why can’t you see me as a child? Aren’t we all children after all? Hm.

Next time you wonder why there is so much misery in the world, you have your answers. It is because some people think misery is necessary that we are experiencing it. There is NO good vs evil here, friends. The world we experience as human beings is a result of our level of consciousness. It is a result of our ego. Nothing we experience comes out of the blue. We experience it because we put it there to experience, otherwise it would not be. The ego punishes. The ego hurts. The ego cheats. The ego kills. The ego molests. The ego drinks and drives. The ego takes heroin. The ego does not care about you nor me… The ego is the enemy that lives within. We are our worst enemy. Well, this is no surprise to most… We all know this but still very much afraid to open our heart for it has been broken too many times. The ego jealously protects it from harm. The thing is, while we should be vigilant to whom we open our heart to, we should also be vigilant to whom we are closing it to… Some people do genuinely live in their heart space. Some want to call us unicorns, but we are all around. You just choose not to see us. Tune in to the frequency of love and you will see a whole different world…

Your ego is not equipped to make good decisions, [insert your name here].

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.













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