Energy Is Currency

Energy is currency. You are energy. You are currency. We are the greatest currency.

Negative people = bad currency

Waste of energy = waste of currency

Negative vibrations = negative income (anger, grudges, fights, arguments, gossips…etc.)

Low vibrations = low income (depression, sadness, anxiety, nerves damage…etc.)

Good vibrations = good income (joy, aspirations, dreams, hopes, etc…)

High vibrations = high income (beliefs, actions,sharing, intuition, journey, path, forgiving, showing vulnerability, playful,youthful…)

Highest vibrations = highest income (freedom, healing, abundance, inspiration, soul, love, heart, honesty, loyalty, authenticity, rawness, mindfulness, meditation,nerve repair…etc.)

Hard to believe? It’s true. Raise your vibrations. Raise your income. How? By doing what you love. By being who you want to be. By living on your own terms. Step away from things, situations and people who are keeping you in low vibrations. They are keeping you in low income. This is why most people barely make it until the next paycheck… They hate their job (low energy = low currency). The wealthiest people on the planet do what they love. They get paid to be who they are. They live by their own rules. Your age does NOT matter. You can raise your vibrations and become a vibrationnal millionaire at any time. Just do what you love. By doing what we love, we attract and manifest infinite amount of energy (abundance). And you know what it means right? Yup. Infinite energy = Infinite money.

So what are you trading your time and energy for?

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.












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