Allowing Yourself To Have Expectations For You

We’ve been taught to lower or to even completely eliminate our expectations… Why? To avoid getting hurt or deceived. Is it working? Not really. We get hurt one way or another. Why? Because the expectations we have come to us as guidance. They are there to signal us what we want and what we are worth. By eliminating expectations, we loose sight of our desires. It’s like loosing sight of our soul. Pessimists call them expectations, people who are more in tuned with their inner vibrations call them “downloads”, “bits” or “intuitive downloads.” Think I’m lying? Let’s turn to neurosciences. Neuroscientists can’t find consciousness in the brain. They have long speculated about the nature and origins of “consciousness.” Many of those scientists start to believe we are receivers of consciousness just like radio receive signals. When you meditate and silence your mind heavily, you sort of start feeling electric discharges going through your body as you concentrate on your breathing. When we breathe in and out at a rapid pace, repeatedly,  it’s possible to alter our chemistry. If this does not prove anything to you, that we are vibrations, what about biology? 70% water. 30% molecules.

What is water? Life. Energy. Water, like many other element, can take on many many forms. It can go from boiling hot to freezing cold. Water evaporates. Water pours. Calm waters. Ice water. Deep waters. Troubled waters. Dirty waters. Clear waters… Wavy… Inviting… Repelling… It’s a bit like human beings, don’t you think? The analogy here is quite easy to picture and understand. Our expectations and our thoughts shape the form we take. What we believe we become. When our heart turns cold, we turn cold. That’s why it’s important you keep your expectations high… But, also, understand that the only expectations we can have are about what we can control. Other people are obviously out of the picture. We cant expect people to be the way we want because they can’t expect us to be the way they want us. However, everyone has the rights to expect to be treated right, fairly, respectfully, equally, lovingly, etc… Those kind of expectations should never be lowered or else they leave room for things we don’t want to experience. The people who tell you to lower your expectations are really not the ones  you should listen to. They basically gave up…
Allowing yourself to have expectations is just like allowing your soul to guide you where you want to go. It’s not about having a big ego. It’s about knowing you are a human being who deserves to be treated as such. You are allowed to have hopes and dreams. As long as your goals are healthy and do not interfere with the well-being of someone else, you are allowed to expect to have every single one of your wishes met… But, obviously, you can’t expect people to do it for you…

It’s okay to have high expectations of life. You want to be treated right. You expect to be loved. You expect the truth. You expect loyalty…. You want the best for yourself, as it should be. You want the best for your kids and family. You want the best for your friends. You want the best of the relationships… Why? Because deep down inside, something is telling you, that you are worthy. That’s why anything that causes distress and pain, does not feel good to us. Anything other than love is unnatural.

So yes. You can have expectations. But here’s the thing. Are you the mirror of your expectations? Are you in alignment with what you expect? In other words, what you want, do you have it to offer? If you feel you do, then, keep vibrating at that level and it will sure come to you.

However… if you keep lowering your vibrations/expectations, you will never get what you truly deserve. If what you want is at level 5 but you keep yourself at level 2 for someone else, you will never reach your highest potential and this could possibly turn you sour or resentful. So now you understand. This also goes the other way around. Same way you would not like people to keep you from climbing mountains, don’t limit others. Be free. Let them free.

Release. Align. Attract. Manifest.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.















3 thoughts on “Allowing Yourself To Have Expectations For You

  1. I find that when I go with what is for my highest and best, I’m rarely if ever let down or deceived. I have the power to choose how and what and when I want to rise or lower my vibration. If I’m going after something I want, I know that I have to pace myself, and realize it’s my own back I have to have. If someone helps me, it’s because they want to, and not because I expect them to. I’m often surprised at how this assistance turns out, and from whence it comes. We rarely get there all on our own anyways. But when it’s all said and done, I’m typically happy with the result I get, or the lesson I’ve learned so that I may try again….at a more opportune time!

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    1. Thank you for your wonderful time Sparky.

      You’ve touched many points here especially when you say “we rarely get there all on our own anyways” that’s something I’ve learned the hard way when I was way too deep in my ego space. But, I think most of us don’t ask for help because it is seen as a sign of weakness and we feel vulnerable, at our helpers mercy.

      With time I realize sometimes it’s necessary to ask for help and it requires a lot of courage… There is great power in vulnerability and humility. Some people are genuinely understanding and glad to give support. But in the society we live in, we often rather suffer more and get all the credits for making it to the top without having to share merits with anyone else. It gives us the feeling we don’t owe nobody… But the top gets lonely all alone there. Honestly, I don’t mind having to give back because I’ve discovered that’s what people will remember; that I gave back when I could have been ungrateful and forget they’ve helped me at some point…

      Up until now, I have had financial issues all my life because I couldn’t keep a job more than top a year. I was a job hopper. I spent many years trying to find something on the market that was suiting me. I tried many many jobs. But I could never find anything that would keep me steady because I’m a creative person, I like to create things. So the 9-5 trail was never meant for me. I felt like I was wasting my time every time I was going to work. The money could never keep me. During all this time I didn’t realize I was looking for myself…

      Anyways, being a job hopper was never good for my bank account as you would expect. I could never afford anything after paying my bills. So sometimes I had to rely on my partner for extra stuff. Two years after we broke up, I got to a rather okay financial point and I decided to give back money to my ex, even if I got somehow cheated on. That was years ago. Obviously, my ex was more than happy to get all that money and this opened a rather interesting conversation. Money speaks right lol? That experience was eye opening to me.

      First, holding on to grudges is unnecessary, it’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to get sick. It doesn’t make any sense. Second, sometimes relationships go sideways but it’s important to remember there was good in it at some point, especially if that individual gave help. It could have been financial help or anything else. So there is no shame in receiving help as long as it is given back. There’s a motivation to give back, to get better that builds up inside of me when I receive. Most of the time, that’s one of the reasons I go so hard. I cant wait for the day I will be giving back.

      Hope all is well with you 🙂

      Infinite love peace and wisdom your way!


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