Allowing Yourself To Be Happy

Smile and just watch the Universe smiling harder. Cry and the Universe cries harder… For the longest of times I did not want to believe my reality was a reflection of my feelings. I walked around with a chip on my shoulders thinking the Universe owes me. I guess I was part of those people who felt powerless about life. I tried to build so many things that crumbled and fell right before my eyes. Back then, I did not understand it was the result of my emotions within. I was crumbling and falling inside therefore everything I came in contact with started crumbling… Obviously, that caused me to feel worst. By feeling worst, I was focusing on the bad and I did not realize It was the reason why I was attracting more of it.

Fast forward, today, I now understand I was resisting happiness. Although I did want to be happy, I did not know how and deep down inside I thought I was better off struggling, even if it did not feel good at all. I did not realize I was holding on to contradictory beliefs. You know? Secretly, we want the whole cake, but, we think we are only allowed a small piece. Then we resent the guy who’s courageous enough to go for the whole thing…


On top of that, I was trying to control circumstances that were out of my control. I thought if everybody around me changed I would feel better… I was trying to reach things I thought were out of my reach not realizing they were right beside me all along. I was seeking a reality outside of myself. I was looking for love and happiness in all the wrong places… I’m pretty sure a lot of people can relate. We are born in a reality that conditions and programs us to decline happiness. We often self-sabotage and self-destruct. Then unconsciously we look for more destruction to validate our destructive reality… Hm. We walk around like bulldozers destroying people feelings, because our own feelings are destroyed. On top of that, some us are so conditioned to it, we start to associate destructive and painful behaviors with love. Ouff. Something ain’t right, people.


With a lot of retrospection, I now understand it’s because we don’t allow ourselves to be happy. We don’t allow others as well. We keep each other in struggle. Misery seems to be somehow something to be proud of. We need a reason to smile these days. We can’t just be happy, right? If we are, something must be wrong. We must take a pill that will bring us down a little… Like are you kidding? Something is wrong with western societies guys… We have mental diseases more than any other part of the world… No surprises here, just take a close look at the beliefs system… A pill because we are too down. Another pill because we are too high… That makes a lot of sense. Right. Are you saying happiness is another disease that must be cured? Who decides where the balance is, anyway? Huh? Who decides of normality? The DSM-5? Is there a level of happiness we must all conformed to in order for our own individual happiness to be considered normal? It’s just another way to decline us the right to be ultimately happy. Well, I reject the western standards of thinking and alienating everybody. People are fed up to be told how to be, how to think, how to behave, etc… We are allowed to be happy. Happiness is our birth right. Anything other than that is unnatural.

Smile. Love yourself. Love others. Make them smile. Make me smile.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.






















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