Problems Always Come With Solutions

A problem is only and always just the first phase of any solution. If there was no solution, there would be no problem. With that understanding, I embrace problems because I know they never come alone. A problem is just another nudge in the right direction. Thing is, we tend to only see and focus on the problem which makes it look bigger and unsolvable, because we’re not looking at the solution that came with it. In order to solve any problem or issue, we must take our eyes off the problem and try to look where it is asking us to look.

I remember teachers telling me “the answer is always in the question.” That’s how I got good grades without ever really studying. If you understand the question, you know how to  find the answer. Same way with the problem. The solution does not have to be perfect, it just has to come from the roots. A leaking ceiling often points to something deeper. Therefore putting duck tape on  the roof is probably not the right thing to do. You get the gist. Find the root cause of a problem so that it is case closed. If the solution doesn’t feel satisfying, it means you did not get to the roots. It means  the weeds are going to grow back.

With that being said, be nice to yourself when a problem appears. Don’t beat on yourself because you can’t find the solution right away. Sometimes it takes time and we need to sit with it for a while in order to find the roots. Love yourself through the process, it helps. Trust your intuition. Trust your guts. Trust the process. Embrace the process. Be grateful and thankful for the problems. The Universe is trying to tell you something. Problems are signs. They need your attention.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.


























2 thoughts on “Problems Always Come With Solutions

    1. Thank you for your time Atomic’s World. Why wouldn’t it be? I know sometimes it’s hard to see the solution when all we see is the problem. But that’s exactly what this post is about. It’s about understanding why a problem appeared in the first place. Problems often never show up out of the blue. They are symptoms of a deeper cause… But problems never come alone… They always point to the solution. There’s nothing too big that we can’t solve. With time everything gets sort out.

      Hope you’re having an amazing week so far.

      Infinite love peace and wisdom your way!

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