Understanding And Releasing Your Multiple Points Of Resistance

What we resist, persist. We all face points of resistance whether they are race, health, love, career, relationships, friendships, family or money related… We experience resistance when thinking about that particular thing does not make us feel so good. Usually it means we have to accept what is and just let go, as painful as letting go sometime is.

For instance, you may resist looking at your bank account because you don’t want to face the fact there is not as much as you wish. Resisting looking at your bank account amplifies your feelings of lack of money. You don’t look, because you don’t want to feel poor. While you think not looking at it makes you feel better, subconsciously it makes you feel worst because if you had the amount of money you wanted to see, you would have no problem looking at your account. You would probably even look at it several times during the day or week. By avoiding to face a problem or an emotion, the problem grows.


Change first begins in the acceptance of a situation “Okay, I’m experiencing a shortage of money right now” then letting go of what is “but it does not mean I will forever be.” Once we clear our mind of resistance, we make room for healthy and creative solutions to appear.

However, most people resist change itself… They believe others have to change… The economy has to get better, my spouse needs to be more like this or more like that, the Government has to stop being so corrupted, etc… So you might want to ask yourself: “Am I willing to change my mind?” If you hesitate, it probably means no and it also sadly means, the resistance will persist and eventually grow into a big ugly monster…

Turning to love and listening to your wise intuition will always give you incredible results. Open your mind wide and your heart even wider. Well, that’s what I’m doing. I choose to love again. I just choose to love and let go of whatever is out of my control. I choose to trust that whatever happens, happen for a reason. More so, I believe there is no need for nobody to be loosing for you or me to be winning.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.










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