Being In A Place Of Non Judgement

I need to make a disclaimer before you pursue. It might be difficult for you to read what I’m about to say. It was very hard for me to write. However, I know I’m ready because the subject came to me. It means that is where I’m at. It also means I need to release it to grow. So I understand how It may hit certain cords inside of you, if you are not ready to hear it. But, If you are okay with it, well, read on and I absolutely love you… Sending all my love to you. We need more courageous people willing to question and challenge their own state of mind.


I used  to be so judgmental. I used to be so conditioned by social programs. You know? I used to blame society and only see the ugly side of it, not realizing it’s because I was choosing to live on the ugly side of it. I was in a state of social-programed-reaction rather than action. To be honest with you, I used to see sexism and racism everywhere. And, I think, as a mean of teaching me lessons, I dated a very judgmental individual. But after studying the universal law of attraction, today I realize I attracted judgmental people in my life, because I was very judgemental myself. I did not want to admit it. I did not even realize I was so judgmental until very late. Likes attract likes. It makes a lot of sense to me now.


The reality we think in our head is the reality we manifest. While I don’t say racism, sexism or anything -ism don’t exist, I think we can choose to tune to a certain frequency and make it our reality. The more judgmental you are, the more judgmental people the Universe brings to you. When we are in a certain state, we are subconsciously looking to attract more of that state to validate our point of view. A racist will attract another racist just to have an argument about race and each one of them will claim they are not racist. The illusion of division is deeply programed in a lot of people. Same for homophobic or hetero-phobic (yes there is such thing as hate against heterosexuals)… But I do think all those people are only living in a state of social-programed -reaction. The way they are and the way they think is a social program. They are only reacting to stimuli.


If you are in a place of judgment, your career, your social position, your bank account, your IQ, your race, your orientation, your religion, your spiritual beliefs and your gender do not matter anymore. Judgment is judgment. Hate is hate. We all hold unhealthy beliefs. I used to think my unhealthy mind set was not affecting me because I felt detached from it. I thought my beliefs were not directed to me but to the people whom I held the beliefs against. I did not understand how I was shaping my own reality around my thoughts.


And this goes way deeper than just what we like to call social issues. Our thoughts shape everything. If you think jealousy is love, you will probably attract a jealous person in your reality who thinks like you. In a way, being together with your jealous partner will work until one of you grow out of it and awaken to a different reality… which means until one of you realize how unhealthy jealousy is. The relationship will then starts to fall apart, since one of you is no longer on that jealous frequency. If you believe you are meant to be poor all your life, well, you will probably stay poor all your life.  If you believe you are too old or young, well, you are too old or young. If you think all black people are criminals, black criminals you will see and probably attract. If you believe all whites are racist, white racists you see and focus on. Whatever you choose to tune to becomes your reality.


There’s something we really need to understand here. Nothing and nobody exist out of the blue on the Planet. All those things and all those people exist because we all created them. While you may not have created a specific state like murder or terrorism, someone else did. And you created something else. We live in a “cloud” of thoughts. Psychologist Carl Jung likes to call that “cloud of thoughts” collective consciousness.


The world we live in is a result of our collective consciousness. The collective consciousness being the sum of all our thoughts. Changing the world starts with you and how you see yourself. What do you think of your life? How do you view yourself? If you think you are ugly, without realizing it, you create a standard of beauty. Same thing if you think you look good, you also create a standard of beauty. If you think you are poor, you create a standard of wealth and this also goes the other way around, etc. In fact, this is how the collective consciousness is being generated. It is constructed on the thoughts we hold of ourselves.


Being non-judgmental of yourself is the key to elevate the collective  consciousness. Try to strive to live your life in a place of non-judgment of who you are. By judging ourselves less, we judge others less. So Love yourself and create beautiful thoughts.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.












4 thoughts on “Being In A Place Of Non Judgement

  1. Wow. That went deep. Sounds lije you’ve been doing some shadow work. Yeah. Judgement is a biggie. How often we think we are being judged by others when that pained look on their face is probably only to do with the the double chilli enchilada they scoffed down too quickly during their lunch break. The more I learn to accept myself, the more I feel the judgements of others dropping away. In that sense, yes, I really agree that people are mirrors. The more we polish that mirror, the more we become aware of the reflected manifest experience and it’s relationship with our own thought patterns. That is an empowering realisation.

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    1. Thank you for your time Leeby. Yes and yes. I can’t agree more with what you said. I’ve been listening to a lot of motivational speakers lately, and one of them said something that really hit me. The speaker said “Instead of looking for differences we should ask ourselves how am I the same as this person?” It forces us to slowly eliminate judgment when interacting with others. Sometimes it’s hard, because we immediately think “I’m so not like this person” which creates division.

      Speaking of division, one night after meditation my mind went really deep and I started to realize we’re all different versions of the same consciousness. It is as if I could see myself in every individual I came in contact with. . Another “me” who chose to experience a different reality in a different body. When quantum physics speak of alternate dimensions and realities, they speak of frequency and how we’re all operating on different wavelengths (spatial frequencies). But even if we’re all experiencing the world differently, we’re all in-synced anyway… You probably already heard of quantum entanglement?

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      1. Yes, absolutely. I had ephiphany moments where I quite tangibly realised the ones of all consciousness. Greg Braden is a sensational motivational speaker. He uses the ideas of people being mirrors to you. I guess we could look at the mirrors as having different frames and shapes but essentially reflecting the same kind of higher reality.

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