Understanding And Mastering Energy Transfer

Love is hard but positivity is the best recipe. Everything is energy and vibrations. Physical pain is energy. Emotions and money are another form of energy. This subject is easy to understand. For instance, let’s say your leg hurts right now and someone stabs you in the chest. The energy translated as pain in your brain that you currently feel in your leg is immediately transferred to your chest. More so, if your brain requires more power to translate the energy and transfer it to your chest, you wont feel pain in your leg anymore.

In other words, if the pain felt is more severe, if the energy needed to signal your chest is more important, all your attention, all  your energy goes to your chest, leaving none to your leg. Energy flows where attention goes. Let me give you another example. Say you’re crying on your bed after a hard breakup. If someone throws a bomb in your house or apartment, all the energy you were previously translating as sadness is now being transferred to the bomb and has probably become adrenaline.  Those extreme examples show you how everything is just energy. When you understand the concept of energy and vibrations, you can start practicing energy transfer in your everyday life.


Have you noticed how your energy shifts easily when someone you like text you or call you? You can be having a really bad headache, but if that specific person manifests in your reality, all of the sudden, your headache is magically gone. You attribute the power to that person, but she/he has little to do with it. They are not the cause why your headache is gone. You no longer experience headaches because you’ve made a positive energy transfer. Obviously it is because your emotions for that individual are positive that it worked. If you hated them, you would have probably translated the energy as bad and worsen your headache.


Why do some people heal from incurable diseases while others die or why do certain individuals get out of depression while others commit suicide? It has everything to do with their beliefs and how good they are at energy transfer.


I believe in the years to come, there will be a whole lot more discovery on the human brain and how powerful we truly are. Today our understanding of energy and vibrations is still yet pretty basic and infant. Nevertheless, if you become aware of the dynamics of energy transfer and start harvesting your energetic power on a conscious level, you will change your life. I strongly believe nothing is final in this Universe. And whether you want to deny or admit it, science of motion, quantum physics – even religion – are showing that energy is never destroyed. It can only be transformed/transferred from one form to another.


If you refuse to take responsibility for your own decisions, you probably hate that premise because it means no one is to blame for your actions. Of course you can reject the subject and keep transferring energy by default on a unconscious level. But here’s the thing. Whether you believe or hate this energy transfer thing, it’s not a question of belief. It happens anyways. Your emotions are energy and vibrations. No matter  what is the emotion, If you feel, you vibrate. So why not becoming conscious of it and using it at your advantage? I absolutely love to know I can stop living my life by default. I choose to be aware of this wonderful reality.


But wait. Obviously choosing to practice energy transfer on a conscious level will not make all your problems go away over night. It’s a continuous process. Some days it’s easier. Some days it seems your energy is being transferred by default. However, if you keep at it until it becomes a natural thing, you will eventually experience life on a whole new level. If you want it that is. It’s possible. Just love and believe.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.























3 thoughts on “Understanding And Mastering Energy Transfer

    1. Thank you for your time Infinite Living. Energy transfer is one of those things we do without realizing it. If you think about it, energy, that’s all there is to our human experience. We are constantly shifting from one emotional energy form to another. When we are with people, that’s also all there is to it; exchange of energy.

      We’re all just bundles of energy in motion (e-motion) 😉

      Hope you’re having a wonderful week.

      Infinite love peace and wisdom your way!

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