Following Your Heart Will Save Your Life

Coincidences are incidences that coincide. Learn to read the emotional signs of your life. Be wiser. There’s a reason for everything you experience. Nothing comes out of the blue. Open your Eye. Open your heart. Open your mind. Feed your soul. Listen to yourself, you know what to do. But truly listen tho. Stop listening to people who are not you.


Are you sitting on diamonds? You will never know if you keep running away from your heart space. I realize many people are really talented and have a lot of potential they don’t use. I have the ability to see potential in individuals even if they don’t see it themselves. This got me coming to the conclusion that everyone is gifted with something. But I understand sometimes it’s not always obvious and it can come a bit later in life. I don’t care how old or how young you are it’s always the right time to start following your heart.


With experience, I come to the realization there are two kind of people in this world : those who strongly follow their heart and those who do not. Following your heart means you listen to your intuition and you trust that it will bring you where you need to be.


With that being said, I do understand we all come from different walks of life and we all see the world differently. We live in a multiverse… There are as many realities there are people on Earth. I do get that and I think it is beautiful also amazing. However, there areΒ  a lot of things I don’t fully comprehend that I wish I did… So many things the list would be too long to type… Nevertheless, no matter what your reality is, I think we all have the power to change our heart and follow our bliss. I strongly believe it is given to all of us to be who we really want… No holds barred. However, of course there will always be naysayers. Not everybody will understand you. And that’s all right. You don’t understand everybody neither. The trick is to remain composed and always walk where you feel you need to put your feet. Love yourself. Trust and believe. There are no accidents in this Universe.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.
























28 thoughts on “Following Your Heart Will Save Your Life

    1. Thank you for your time thinknact.
      It’s so true that we often don’t do it lol.

      I’m learning to do it more everyday and I find it such a relief to just listen to my inner voice. But it’s hard I get it.

      We live in a world that encourages us to seek validation and I think that’s why most human beings get lost. We seek answers externally when we should focus inward in our heart space where all the answers are. We get a better sense of identity when we turn to the self, the “higher self” that is. But you know, the conditioning is deep in most of us. We live from outside-in when we should practice living from inside-out.

      When I realize I didn’t need nobodys external approval to be the person I desire to be, my life started to shift. Obviously some people were not happy with that, but then I realize did I really need those people in my life in the first place?

      Something magical happens when we start following our heart and start taking off all our masks. We see better and I realize some people just don’t want us to see they were also wearing mask around us because that does not mean they are ready to remove theirs.

      Hey thank you for commenting here. Hope all is well with you. Listen to your intuition, it will get stronger πŸ˜‰

      Infinite love peace and wisdom your way!

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      1. Yes, I am doing good, nowadays quite busy so not getting time to write. 😊 I strongly believe in intuitive power. I have experienced it in my real life. But we can only hear our inner voice when we are calm. I believe that intuition is God’s voice & God speaks in silence only. But there is so much disturbance in the outside world that we are not able to hear that inner voice clearly. We can improve our intuitive skills by medication. We should always follow our gut instincts whether people support us or not. Those who have experienced intuition knows that how magical it is because it’s always true. But we should learn the art of hearing it clearly and for that we need to be calm. Our intuition never lie to us. It’s a power that we all should use effectively. 😊

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      2. Yeah I’ve visited your blog on several occasions. Perception Changer, huh? Love the name.

        Are you a fellow web developer? I saw you have a GitHub link there lol.

        I know what you mean, when it gets busy, it gets real. However, I made it my mission to write something positive everyday.

        It’s the first thing I do before stepping into my regular schedule. It’s like a membrane attached to me now lol. If I don’t write, I don’t feel good.
        It’s a way for me to release all the toxins and plant seeds of wellness out on the internet 😊

        I’m going through tremendous change and growth.

        With that being said, I do agree with you. I think intuition is Source/Source Energy/Universe/God working through us… I believe they speak in vibrations and resonate on a very high frequency level.

        Nicola Tesla said: “if you wish to understand the Universe think energy, frequency and vibrations”

        Eistein also said: “Energy, that’s all there is to it”

        Intuition is energy. We are energy. For that matter, some of us can’t hear the Universe speak because we are not vibrating on the same frequency it’s vibrating. That frequency being love only.

        Good thing is, we all come from same source so we all have the ability to raise our vibrations but most of the population vibrates on the frequency of pain, drama, stress and fear, reason why they don’t listen to their intuition. On top of that, we also have trust issues, which make it hard to believe beyond what the Eye can see. We don’t trust our feelings as guidance system because we’ve been taught to shut down our emotions and shove them deep.

        I would say yes 90% of the time our gut feeling is right, but there’s still 10% chance we can be bias because of how we feel towards the situation or the person.

        However, like you said, the only way for the intuition to be 100% accurate is to silence the mind but also try coming from a neutral place which is the hardest thing to do for most of us. We all want to be right. But I agree, meditation helps a lot. I meditate sometimes 3 times a day, when things get too stressful and overwhelming. I like focusing on my breathing. Then I just let my mind run wild and let go of control. Feels great 😊😊

        Thanks for stopping by tho. Looking forward to read more of you!

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      3. I am glad to know that you are clear with all these concepts. Our universe is multi-dimensional, if you don’t like something try to look it from “Alternate Dimension” that’s all my blog “Perception Changer ” says to all. πŸ˜ƒ

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      4. I am a chemical engineer. No, I believe that highly qualified people need to mentor students especially at school level, because that’s where the foundations are laid. So, I love to share my knowledge with them. Not only related to their studies but all sort of teachings, especially instilling moral values in them & clearing their concepts of life as well. That’s the age where we can teach them the right way to think. This way we can bring the change in the world. So, that the would be societies in the near future will have open minded thinking. We need to work at seed level to change the perception. 😊

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      5. Chemical engineer? That’s some next level stuff. Nice.

        I couldn’t agree more with everything you said 😊

        I too mentor children on my free time not that I have any but I always find time to support kids and their projects.😊

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