Few Key Words On Self-Expression

I used to be paralyzed by the idea of communicating my feelings because they often got rejected. For that matter, I became all bottle up. No more. Because now I see the power behind expression. Without communication it is really hard to progress, whether it is in an intimate relationship, business relationship, friendship or anything else that involves at least two people.


My business is teaching me that ignoring people is never good. It takes a lot of energy to reach out so I feel like when someone opens up, they deserve an answer, as fast as possible. It always feels good to be acknowledged, even if the answer we receive is not what we would expect. And I think that’s the reason why most of us don’t bother communicating. We expect people to give us the answers we want to hear. We forget communication is not about receiving. It’s about giving. It’s a simple exchange of energy between two individuals.


However, I do realize a lot of people see communication as confrontation instead as an opportunity to learn and grow.Β  I think that’s another reason why people play dead and shy away from opening up conversations. They think it’s useless… They fail at seeing how expression can bring them to the next level. When it comes to me I find a lot of excitement in not knowing what the other person will reply. I like mystery. More so, I find we can tell a lot about someone just on their ability or inability to express themselves. The list would be too long to mention. But in short, it takes a lot of courage, which makes anyone who communicates courageous. Second, communicating is sharing. It tells a lot about their ability to share and be vulnerable.


So don’t be afraid to communicate and express yourself. It never goes unnoticed, even if you don’t get a reply. I understand it’s hard to get ignored and rejected but always remember it tells a whole lot more about who they are than it tells about you. Plus, it will forge you. Nobody can read in your mind, well, until proven otherwise. Just open up, you never know. You don’t want to be like “I should have said something.” And if you get ignored or rejected, don’t bottle up. Silence is also a message. However, don’t go crazy trying to interpret their silence. It might not be what you think it is.


One thing for sure, I never wait for answers. Once it’s out in the wild, I let go and let the Universe handle it. If it is meant for me to get an answer, I will. Everything happens in divine order. Sometimes it’s better not to get a reply. Just trust and always remember that what is meant for you will never miss you. So be brave. Open up. Be authentic. Express yourself. Let yourself shine. Learn. Love. Teach. Believe. Trust. Stand. Let people hear your beautiful voice.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.














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