Think Frequency, Energy & Vibration

“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies” – Albert Einstein.

We used to think so little of our Universe. Now we are making a lot of progress in terms of understanding what is our reality… We are just starting to see and understand how we’re all affected by the Earth magnetic core. Physics and Nature prove that our planet is literally alive people. We’re just tiny organisms living on it. We are extensions of Earth. This is our home. If she dies, everything on it goes nite-nite. Nevertheless, it does not take away the fact that we are infinite energy.


We’re such a young species. I believe in the years to come we’re going to make some major breakthroughs in quantum physics and change the way we live and our perception forever. We are in exciting times, no doubt about it.


With that being said, I never saw myself as beingΒ  this bundle of energy and vibration. I thought it was a question of belief until I started getting serious into Physics. My whole perception started to change. Everything makes sense to me now. The puzzle is slowly coming together. Better than, the puzzle was never really broken. It’s just a matter of understanding how the puzzle comes together piece by piece. I’m not separate from you and you’re not separate from me, so we’re never really alone. We’re not separate from Nature.


I understand how my energy affects the people around me. My perception, my actions, my thoughts, my ideas and my decisions follow a certain frequency. Everything we do have immediate effects in our life. Certain people call it “instant karma.” Every time we feel, we vibrate. We are sending signals that are being broadcast across the magnetic field. It means that if you feel bad, you are more likely to attract people who feel bad who will make you feel bad in return…


There is no bottom to how bad a situation can get. When it gets worst, it just keeps getting worst, until you plant a seed of wellness. There is also no top to how good a situation can get. When it gets better, it just keeps getting better. It’s your internal willingness to get better that will attract things, situations and people that feel good who will make you feel good in return. Just like a seed will attract water and all the nutrients it needs to grow, we do the same. Have you ever wonder why sometimes when you plant two seeds, only one come out and grow even if you nurtured them both equally? Well, with my understanding of Physics, energy, frequency and vibration, one of the seeds succeeded in attracting what it needed to grow, while the other did not. Ouff. That’s deep.


We’re a bit like plants and trees. So what do you feed your roots with? Negativity, drama, lies, dishonesty, guilt, fear, stress, oppression, regrets, pain and poison? Or positivity, honesty, loyalty, dreams, goals, hope, achievements, love, care, oneness and nutrients? Are you a dying seed/a poisonous apple or a healthy growing seed? Are you going to make it out of the ground or not? Take a minute. Think about it honestly. Picture yourself as a seed… What do you see?


You can also picture yourself as a radio station. When people tune in to your frequency, what are they tuning to? What are you broadcasting? What kind of crowd and listeners are you attracting? Rap and Rock music will attract their respective crowd right? So who is tuning to you? Understanding your broadcast will help you understand your frequency. If you are unhappy with the results of your life, the people and the situations that tune to you, change your broadcast. That’s one way we can solve a lot of problems.

Gamma. Beta. Alpha. Theta. Delta. Which brain wave are you? I might write a full article on brain waves… Who knows.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.
























21 thoughts on “Think Frequency, Energy & Vibration

    1. Thank you for your time thinknact. Well, yes and no… Yes because we do have to be willing to listen to our emotions to be more aware of the different laws… But somehow, it seems to no longer be things attributed to the Spiritual…

      Physics are slowly demonstrating the perception we have of the world is truly not what it really is on a quantum level… I think of the law of motion, the string theory and quantum entanglement for instance… I find Sciences and Spirituality to be closed relatives explaining the same Natural Phenomenons using different terms. They found the God’s Particle, which in my opinion is self explanatory. 😊

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      1. Spirituality means living your life following the laws of universe. Most people misunderstood it & relate it with religion. Spirituality has nothing to do with a particular religion. It’s teaches us the art of living. The way of applying scientific laws practically in our life. 😊

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