Looking Inward For Answers Enhances Your Relationship With Others

Feeling pretty good today. Yesterday, after weeks of struggle trying to land a program, I just hit an important milestone so I wanted to share my love, peace and joy with you. Ready? Alright. From me, through me, to you and through you. Who are you going to give it to? Don’t keep it to yourself 😘


With that being said, I’m going through a tremendous awakening since a couple years. I come to the understanding that being awakened doesn’t necessarily mean wearing crystals and sitting in lotus position. It actually means that we become aware of the self. We realize life is not something that happens to us but through, with and for us. The hard part for most people is to take responsibility and embrace this new way of seeing life from the inside-out. I think depression and anxiety have a lot to do with that. We are so conditioned to look outside of ourselves for fulfillment and answers that we become totally disconnected from our own individuality running around like chickens without heads. Sometimes without hearts. Away from the soul… Hm.


Truth is, there is nothing but tremendous power that stems from becoming conscious and aware of Self, who you are. It’s never too late to start looking inward for answers. Blaming the external world for your life is certainly not a wealthy state of mind. Wealth comes from love. Matter of fact, everything comes from it.


Something magical happens when we start living from inside-out instead of outside-in. We not only find satisfying answers and solutions to our self-inflicted misery, we start sowing healthy seeds. We start shifting paradigm. We start generating healthy stem cells by developing new neural connections. Neuroplasticity. Epigenetics.


Whatever you sow you rip. No one can escape the law of the Universe. Of course, there are those who will forever sleep and sleep walk through their life causing tremendous damage to their Self and to whoever comes in contact with them, but focus not on those. Live your truth. Work on yourself. Stay in the light of who you are. Stray away from those who are regressing… Let them be. Unless you wish to regress?


Progression is the answer. Self-progression. Appreciation. Self-Appreciation. Love. Self-love. Respect. Self-respect. Whatever is in ourselves will be expressed externally. As within so without. The way we treat others has nothing to do with them. When we start looking inward for answers, the relationship we have with others and the external world changes forever.


We’re never too young or too old for introspection. The age limit is in your head. Matter of fact, every self-limiting belief is in your mind. Nothing is final, my friend. Big Pharma lies to you. The mind, the heart, the soul and the body are not separate. Dis-ease only means you are not at ease… Hm.

What we believe creates our reality. You hate your reality? You hate your life? Well, change your mind. Shift your paradigm. Alternate dimension. It’s hard at first, but we all have the ability to do it. Persistent and love is key. Love yourself. Love others. Forgive. Do it until it becomes the new you. Do it until it becomes your first nature.

One day it will be so natural to you, you will look back and it will be totally worth it.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul




















4 thoughts on “Looking Inward For Answers Enhances Your Relationship With Others

    1. Thank you for your time Eric. That is actually a really great idea. Let me gather my thoughts and dive into it a little deeper. I will come up with something hopefully tomorrow, if not some time before the end of the week. It’s hard to explain something that comes to us all so intuitively… Nevertheless, I think it’s a very good introspective homework for me, thanks.

      With that being said, have you heard of Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith? He’s very insightful. This morning I was listening to one of his speech on vibrations and manifestations. He said two things really powerful that resonated with me.

      First thing. Scientists show that on a microscopic level everything is energy (nothing new there). When we observe anything under a microscope we can see how elements are just tiny vibrating molecules constantly moving and changing.

      If you put a piece of wood under a powerful (expensive) microscope you will see that what appears to be a solid piece of fabric is actually composed of tiny particles in motion (unstable/moving around). Our world is stricly composed of those tiny particles in motion. We are living in a vibrant/vibrating Universe. Everything is vibration and energy. It can be observed with a microscope. That is how they have discovered the tardigrade. A strange eight-legged microscopic organism capable of withstanding some of the most severe environmental conditions. They never die. They are also called “water bears.”

      With that being said, the microscopic reality is also true for human beings. We are molecules/vibrational beings. It is true for our thoughts as well. Our thoughts always happen first on the vibrational level. When we think, we produce a tiny electron that is sent across the magnetic field (we still don’t clearly understand how yet).

      When we concentrate enough energy around a given electron (thought) it then manifest (shows up) in our physical reality. Have you ever picked up the phone and the person you were thinking of was on the line? And the phone didn’t even ring or you didn’t even dial? We call it coincidences, but for scientists that is one proof that our world is vibration and frequency and we’re all interacting with it. The world responds to us by manifesting what we internally broadcast.

      Therefore, Dr. Beckwith explains that we cannot have things we are not yet on a vibratory level, since everything happens first on that level. We cannot have things or keep things we are not willing to become on the vibrational level. That is why sometimes we see people winning the lottery loosing it all. On a vibratory level they were not the money they won.

      This can also explain why we sometimes loose relationships we think we want or need. We loose them because on a vibratory level we are not the relationship we think we want. We haven’t become it yet. That is why they say we have to become the soulmate we want to physically have, or the car, the house, the success or the money.

      Anything we want, we have to become “it” or it won’t stick. We need to transform into the “electrons” we wish to physically experience in our reality. So if on a vibrational level we vibrate pain, anger, lack, loss, resentment, regrets, etc. That is what we are transforming into.

      The second very powerful thing that Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith said is “Pain Pushes Until the Vision Pulls.”

      What he is saying is that sometimes we experience tremendous pain and suffering up to a breaking point… At that particular point, we are then being pulled towards taking action to stop the pain.

      But hey I could speak about that all day. I will elaborate on that in the post you have suggested.

      Infinite love peace and wisdom your way!


      1. Thanks for the great info. I’ll check out Dr. Beckwith right now as I have time. In my brief and shallow understanding of quantum mechanics I believe the vibration goes beyond molecules and atoms to those particles that make up electrons, nuclei and protons, which are quarks and then string theory. Mind blowing stuff, but I’m lucky to be able to use a calculator. So, I won’t even attempt saying I understand such things or how they apply to my world. Onward to Dr. Beckwith.

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