How To Remember Who You Are When Life Society & People Make You Forget

Once you truly feel empowered, you will never want to feel powerless ever again. And I pinky swear.

I think this one is a good one. Please, hear me out. It’s hard for me to clearly remember before. I hold a very vague yet painful memory of the past. The past being everything and everyone before today. I do have great distant memories. However they are somehow foggy, lost in the midst of my own ignorance of who I truly was. Even tho I had a feeling of who I was, It was very hard for me to really grasp the full conscious concept of me, until now.


But I get it. Sometimes we walk through life like zombies. We experience situations and people who make us forget who we are. We are being greatly delayed by society and circumstances. People who we think are friends and family reject and give up on us, while swearing they love us. We experience emotional loss and emotional grief. As an adoptee, loss and grief is something I had to deal with all my life. However I never understood how it affected my ability to connect with myself. I know it affected my connections with others, that I could see. But I never realized it was because I was disconnected from myself first and for most.


Now I know for sure, when we experience loss and grief, we loose a little of who we are every single time. A lot of us spend a lot of time trying to build an identity. But what happens when that identity is constantly being rejected, mocked and put down? We start rejecting our own selves, thinking there is something wrong with us.


Truth is, unless you are a serial killer, there is nothing wrong with you. But I get it you know. It’s hard to believe when the world around you seems to make you feel like everything that is you is wrong. I know how it feels. I know how it feels to feel like you are not enough. I not only know how it feels skin deep, but soul, mind and heart deep as well. I’m on your side. If anything I was always an ally, even if there was a time in my life I was not able to voice and demonstrate it publicly. I will always remain an ally.


Thankfully, I have this amazing feeling that the world is slowly waking up. The collective consciousness is experiencing a paradigm shift. Perfect timing to collect your thoughts around who you truly want to be. Start matching your inside with your outside.


There are many reasons why we sometimes feel empty, even when surrounded by a large crowd. I remember not even being able to see and look at the crowd. I couldn’t recognize the faces. For the crowd and the faces representing nothing more than just people who would probably reject and mock me. When we’re not capable of connecting with ourselves, we have difficulty connecting with the crowd. And If we can’t recognize our face in the crowd, we feel lonely and empty inside. We then connect with others on a  superficial level while secretly wishing for deeper intimacy. That is one big cognitive dissonance.


We all have  a really strong desire for deep connections, friendships and intimacy. And most of us look for that in others or in illicit substances. But what happens when we can’t find it in others or when the effects of the drugs or alcohol fade away? We experience emotional loss and emotional grief. We loose a little bit more of ourselves in them. Then we seek for that feeling again. It’s a vicious cycle. And that vicious cycle often leads to forgetting who you are.


Luckily for us there is a way out, for whoever seeks a way out of course. The secret is in loving who you are, despite whoever or whatever makes you feel like a piece of disposable garbage. There’s a little spark in all of us. Remembering who  you are can either be a long tedious process or a totally stress free process if you release control. But if you cling on to your limiting comfort zone and let society dictates how you should be and react, things get pretty difficult. Just let go of any limiting belief that does not serve you.

But It’s hard to let go of the ego, I know. We are wired to be right. We want to be right. You are right.


It’s hard to start loving and accepting ourselves when we spend most of our lives feeling unworthy and completely detached. I understand. It’s safe to say, bursting one’s bubble and venturing in the wilderness is not for the faint of the heart.


Truth is a comfort zone is never truly comfortable. There are things you want to say you don’t say. There are things you want to express you don’t express. There are things you want to do you don’t do. There are things you wish you had you don’t have. There are things you want to wear you don’t wear. There are things you want to try you don’t try. There are things you want to buy you don’t get to buy. There are things you know you need to let go you don’t let go. There are things you need to release you don’t release. There are places you want to go you don’t go. There are things you want to see you don’t get to see… All of that because of x-y-z. Because we’re scared to be who we want to be.


Well look. I don’t care how old you are. You can be in your 70’s, 60’s, 50’s, 40’s, 30’s, 20’s or even in your teenage years, there is tremendous hope and abundance for you, if you just let it. And I seriously don’t care what he or she says, I say, just tune up. Take the journey back to remembering who you are. And along the way you will realize, you never truly forgotten… You were just hidden.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul










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