2 Ways To Be More Present In The Now And Find Equilibrium Within

Intellect can describe it but only instinct can find it.

Introspection is an ongoing process. While there is a beginning there is no end. Looking within must not become your prison. Through the looking glass we must seek freedom and equilibrium. Here’s 2 ways we can achieve a higher state of awareness and joy.

1. Love yourself : Well by now you should know me. You know I had to either start with this one or gently rub it in your face somehow. Because love is the cure. My heart is wide open. Learn to love yourself every step of the way. Drop every little reason why you hate yourself and start writing down reasons why you love yourself.

Regrets get you nowhere. Hate get you nowhere. Resentment get you nowhere. People are messed up I know. Most people we meet do messed up things. Certain people and situations even end up messing us up too. I know. That’s why it’s important to love yourself so that you can see how similar we all are from within. We’re all a bit messed up. But some more than others, yes it’s true.

Messed up people do messed up things. Hurt people hurt. Damaged people do a lot of damage. But that’s their journey. Your journey is to recover and do everything that is in your power to recover. And the journey of recovery starts when you finally start loving yourself. You ask how? Well, do more of what you like and do it often. Sit not with the negative for too long. When you catch yourself slowly drifting on the side of prejudice and destructive emotions, force your mind to focus on something you like. Train your mind to see good in  every situation until it becomes easy as 1-2-3.

2. Trust the process : That’s my second favorite. That’s why it’s number two. Stop chasing people. Stop chasing period. Do what you love and let them chase you. We can always find people who understand us if only we stop settling for those who do not. Whatever is meant for you will never miss you. What you seek is seeking you. Whoever is meant to be in your life will always find their way to you. Whoever you seek is also deeply seeking you. What you are after is after you. What you are attracted by is attracted by you. It can be no other way. Let the Universe work its science through you. The wound is where the light enters you. Only when there is a wound that the healing process can start. Despise not the day of small beginnings. Despise not the day of small healing. Anyone who left you will miss the greatest part of you.

Rest assured. And me, I know for sure. Everyone who left me is missing the most wonderful part of me. Life is good. Life is great. Amazing things are happening right now because amazing things are supposed to happen too. Wonderful things are happening to me because wonderful things are supposed to happen to me. And wonderful things are supposed to happen to you too. There is enough for everyone to go around. Surrender to the moment now. In other words, just… chill baby. We have it all.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul



























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