2 Ways To Face Reality And Adversity With Optimism :)

Some people think they can do anything they want and not face any consequences. Then when reality hits, they run away. Their ego hits a wall they are afraid to climb. You never hear from them. They hide. If I was not classy I would say they are just a bunch of pu**y to me.


Well, don’t be that person. Don’t be a pu**y. Be different. Lion up (I just made that up). I understand reality is not always fun to face. The truth is often ugly. I was forced to face reality at a very young age, I know something about that. But, I don’t know about you, when it comes to me, I rather be told the ugly truth than beautiful lies. At least with the truth I can make clear decisions…


I won’t go into details but my life already feels like a lie for the most part… Some of you already know why. Heck, sometimes it feels like I will be waiting for apologies that I will never get… So no, lying, running away and hiding does not save you from reality. There are better ways we can react in the face of what appears to be adversity or harsh reality.

Here’s 2:

1. Take responsibility for what happened. It’s a sexy attitude to have. We all play a part, even if in some situations, it is not always evident which part is ours. That’s why most people prefer blaming others or the external world for their actions, their life and the decisions they take… They play victims. They feel empowered by their victim role without realizing it’s a very dis-empowering place to be. So empower yourself by taking responsibility for what you said or did not say, what you did or did not do, what you should have said or not said, what you should have done but did not do. Stand firm and learn. Take it all in, baby.

2. Forgive. Now here’s the thing with forgiveness. Forgiveness is accepting that the past has happened. It’s acknowledging that what was said or done hurt someone (maybe it hurt you, maybe it hurt them). Forgiveness is not necessarily accepting that it was okay, it’s accepting that it has happened the way it did.

Forgiveness is basically saying “Okay, they did that to me, they abandoned me, they mocked me, they said that or I did that… Or I gained quite a few pounds… Or things turned sour. It’s not necessarily right but it happened. The good news is I’m still here. I’m still standing. I can still make a difference.”


We can always make a positive difference in our life and by making a positive difference in our life, we indirectly make a positive difference in someone else’s. So  in the face of adversity, don’t hide or run away. Be brave enough to look at how ugly the reality is and I swear that after starring at it for a long as* time, you will end up seeing the beauty in it.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul















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