How The Words We Accept As True Shape Our Thoughts

Words can either make or break us. They shape our thoughts… It’s important to choose the words we use wisely… What’s your main inner dialogue? How do you speak of yourself? How do you speak of others? How do you speak of society? The inner dialogue we have with ourselves is at the basis of how we construct our reality. Constantly speaking negatively of yourself or the world around you creates a distorted reality that limits your potential. Saying things like “I’m too old or I’m too poor” does not serve you at all because there is no such thing.


Some of you may know Louise Hay, founder of Hay House. She is 90 years old and still going. In one interview, she explains how her life started until really late in her mid 40’s. She overcome cancer and started a publishing company at 50 years old. She spent her entire childhood being sexually and physically abused. She didn’t even finish high school. Today she’s worth a little over $50 million.

Another great spirit is Cicely Tyson. She is 92 years old! And look how vibrant she still is. Like What?

Those two lovely ladies are amazing examples that show us how the words we use make a difference in our self-expansion.


Never believe the negative words people or society use to talk about you. You’re not too old. You’re not too young. You’re not too poor. You’re not too fat. You’re not too skinny… You’re not too black… You’re not too white… You’re not too depressed… You’re not too stupid… You’re not too weird… You’re not too smart for your own good… You’re not too small… You’re not too tall… Matter of fact you are quite perfect the way you are. But you need to see it. I see it.

Change your inner dialogue. Change your brain. Create new neural pathways. Change your life. It takes a lot of practice to change how we speak of ourselves but practice always makes stronger.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul




















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