The Body Regenerates Every 2 Months And What It Means For You

I felt so inspired for this post I did not notice how long it was until it was done. I couldn’t stop. But I promise, if you courageously read everything, you will feel as empowered as I felt when writing it. Well, hopefully! The quotes of this article are particularity breath taking 😉


Our human body is an impressive system with the ability to regenerate itself.

– Our outer layer of skin, the epidermis (apart from the thicker dermis beneath), replaces itself every 35 days.

– We are given a new liver every six weeks (a human liver can regenerate itself completely even if as little as 25% remains of it).

– Our stomach lining replaces itself every 4 days, and the stomach cells that come into contact with digesting food are replaced every 5 minutes.

– Our entire skeletal structures are regenerated every 3 months.

– Our entire brain replaces itself every 2 months.

– The entire human body, right down to the last atom, is replaced every 5-7 years.


We used to think we were stuck with our brain cells after the age of 25. By observing the brain, the field of neuroplasticity and epigenetics are confirming we are not. We are also not our genes. It’s the environments that play a huge role in the expression of our genes and how the brain reshapes itself.

The 2 most important types of environments :

  • Mental environment : our thought patterns, our feelings, our emotions, our beliefs, our habits, etc.

  • Social environment : our friends, our family, our workplace, our country, our city, our apartment/house, etc.


According to neuroplasticity, the way our brain works is “use it or loose it.” This means that if we stop practicing something and start practicing something else, we loose our old neural connections that used to serve our old practices and we create new neural connections that are now used to serve our new practices.

In other words, our brain changes, adapts and reshapes itself around what we believe and do, every two months. For some people, it can take up to 90 days to form new neural pathways. Neural pathways are good/bad habits, good/bad beliefs, good/bad practices, etc. For example, if you learn a new instrument, your brain will change and form new connections so that you can play that instrument. If you stop practicing the instrument, the connections in your brain will start fading away because you are not using them. It works the same way with our beliefs, habits and thoughts.

For instance, people smoke by habit. It’s their beliefs that keeps the neural pathway of smoking alive. Some believe they can’t stop. Others smoke when they are bored or anxious. Some of them don’t even want to stop… Some people don’t know what they would do if they stop… etc. This is all consequences of habituate neural pathways in their brain they keep using and regenerating every 2 months.


Hm. You know how much I like this kind of stuff. I get goosebumps when I come across this kind of knowledge/wisdom. Well, the power of thought strikes again. Our thoughts, your thoughts are the problems and the solutions. But they can’t be both at the same time. Our thoughts are either forming problematic and diseased neural pathways or healthy, solvable and prosperous neural connections in our brain.


Our mental/emotional and social environments play a huge role in how we express our genes and how we shape our brain. So what kind of mental/emotional environment is your brain living in? Is it a beautiful garden filled with hopes, dreams and personal achievements/goals? In other words, what kind of seeds are you planting inside of your head? Healthy, wealthy, loyal, loving, free, caring, supporting seeds? Or resentful, envious, angry, jealous, regretful, hateful seeds?

Also, what kind of social environment is your garden flourishing in? Are the people around you constantly complaining and not achieving anything? Are you feeding on News everyday? Do you let society plants fearful seeds in you?


The brain is a garden and our thoughts/beliefs are seeds. The state of our body and the state of our life are the results of what we sow in our brain. So make sure you are doing everything you can to harvest healthy crops. We all have the ability to do this. Make it meaningful. Practice makes perfect. Don’t give up. I believe in you.

There is no defeat in this Universe. It is in constant perfect equilibrium. When we think we loose something, there is always something to gain. We either win or we learn, which in my opinion, we win either way.  But what do you focus on?

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul


























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