How To Be More Receptive

Lately I have realized part of my anxiety comes from not being fully able to be receptive to the external world whenever I feel threatened. I’m often very much guarded. I protect my emotions and my feelings by reacting defensively when I feel hurt or feel any unhealthy negative emotion like anger, envy, resentment or hate. Instead of opening myself and being receptive to the lesson, I either build a wall or point the gun (metaphorically of course). I believe I’m not the only one reacting this way when facing adversity and contrasts.


But this way of being guarded often keeps us from truly learning the lessons each experience brings with it. So I sat in silence for quite some time and wondered how I could be more opened and receptive to things I can’t control. I took a few deep breaths and turned within to understand without. Doing that brought me to this delicious conclusion : I’m not able to be as receptive as I wish I was because I’m not self-receptive. I often reject the idea of me. Therefore I often reject the idea of others. And I think most of us are so used to do it that we don’t even realize we do it anymore.


Our subconscious mind is wired to reject who we are in order to accommodate to the external world. However, doing so creates an enormous disconnection within which, ultimately, creates a huge disconnection without. Most of us connect with each other on a very superficial level. We are all a bit guarded when it comes to people. We’re not really receptive to one another. Especially not to people who we view as being different. So we build walls.


The problem with walls is that they limit expansion and progress. We live in our little world of beliefs and reject anything or anyone that opposes to our way of life so that we can remain the same.


I realize this is not the way I want to live. I want to advance and take my personal development to the next level. And in order to do that, I came to the understanding I need to be more receptive to the idea of me. I need to become more receptive to my emotions. Ultimately as we start accepting more of who we are, we start accepting more of who others are because we don’t feel that our integrity is being threatened.


To be more self-receptive is to ask empowering questions when we are faced with dis-empowering emotions and feelings. So instead of pointing the finger at the other person for triggering unpleasant feelings in us, we need to slow down a second and look for the root cause within. What is it in me that is unresolved that makes me react defensively? What is it in me that makes me incapable of communicating openly with this person? What is it in me that makes me ignore this person? What is it in me that makes me snap at people? What is it in me that makes me so angry and mean? What is it in me that makes me so jealous and envious? What is it in me that causes me to be so guarded? Etc.


Asking the questions is the easy part. The hard part is to be receptive to the answers when they come. We must go through ego death in order to be fully receptive and since the ego is wired to protect us from change, this can particularly be difficult to do for a lot of people. But if you are willing to look within and ask uncomfortable questions in the first place, it is a good sign that you are halfway receptive to receive the answers. On top of that, when we are able to get out of our comfort zone and welcome change with open arms, we are capable of achieving anything. Be more receptive.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul













3 thoughts on “How To Be More Receptive

    1. Thank you for your time Bhanu. I mostly share a mixture of a lot of things, like most writers here I believe. Like most writers in general. And I don’t even consider myself as a writer. This is therapy for me 😉

      Infinite loove peace and wisdom your way!

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