Major Life Hack – Understanding The Reflection Of Your Mirror – Part 1

This post will be continued in a part two tomorrow. I was really inspired so it was getting way too long. If you read this first one all the way down, mucho thank you. You will enjoy tomorrow’s part two sweetness and deliciousness. I hope it inspires/helps you, just like it helped and inspired me 😉


It is said that the way our Universe works is like a mirror. What we are, so is our world. Everything in the Universe is resolved into our own inward experience. It matters little what is without, for it is all a reflection of our own state of consciousness. It matters everything what you are within, for everything without will be mirrored and colored accordingly.


The Universe reflects back to us our feelings, our  thoughts, our beliefs and all that “tralala” along with all the “blah blah.”

You are probably fed up to hear people talk about how the law of attraction works… But maybe it is because you don’t fully understand it? So how does this universal mirror really work anyway? How can we understand it better so that we can use it to strive and attract infinite abundance? Well, here’s how I understand it and how it has helped me change my whole life around.


The Universe is a massive mirror. It reflects everything back to you. Your life experiences are reflections of your unconscious, subconscious and conscious minds. Everything you choose to see appears in your life. Everything you choose to believe shapes your reality.

If you believe you are running out of time, life will appear to you as this giant stopwatch in which you feel you are running all the time. If you see racism everywhere, you are most likely to attract a lot of racists in your reality. If you see the world as being unfair, you will find yourself manifesting a lot of unfair circumstances.

If you disapprove of who you are, everybody you meet will most likely disapprove of you. If death and disease are your main subjects, well, you set yourself up to be confronted with death and disease. If you think getting out of debt is impossible, you will never get out of debt. If you believe you are unworthy of love, you will attract partners that will make you feel unworthy.


We literally turn thoughts into physical things. It’s – meta – physics. We create loops and patterns of thoughts. Then the Universe sets us up to physically experience the loops we create.

The first problem with that is we don’t always get to choose how our thoughts really take shape. It often gets out of hands, if not properly managed. Your anger or your anxiety can take the shape of a car accident, bankruptcy, breakup, disease… Go figure.

The second problem is that we always get back more of what we previously put out. It is a good thing if we put out goodness, we get back “greatness.” On the other end, if we put out sadness, we get back what appears to us as unbearable misery and struggle.


People who are in denial of their power say things like “I didn’t attract cancer”  , “It was not my fault” , “She/he made me do it” , “I didn’t have a choice” , “It was out of character” ,  “It’s the Government” , “I couldn’t resist” , “It’s impossible to do” , “The Economy is bad” , “It’s because of my wife/husband” , “My boyfriend/girlfriend will never approve” , “It’s in my genes” , “I’m just like my father/mother” or “I can’t help it” , etc. On a conscious level it would appear as such. However, many cancer patients or people who recovered from terminal diseases admitted to have buried a lot of resentment and hate inside of them.


Since we are vibrationnal beings living in an electromagnetic field, every disease we have whether it is physical or mental has a frequency. Albert Einstein once said something along the line of “The medicine of the future will be one of frequency.”

Now I know some people rather deny that, because they don’t want to take responsibility for their decisions, how they feel and where their life at. People rather be right instead of feeling good. Most people give their power away because they can blame the person to whom they gave their power to if anything goes wrong. They seem to forget it is them who gave their power away in the first place. So the responsibility always remains, whether they want to admit it or not.


Well, fair enough. Now let’s supposed that you are one of the smart, brilliant and enlightened ones who wishes to take advantage of the mirror effect. How to do it and where to begin?

First step is the hardest. You must part ways with your ego. Ouch. That one hurts right? Well, once we separate from our ego, our desire to feel good takes over our desire to be right. And when our desire to feel good becomes stronger than our desire to be right, something truly magical happens. The Universe starts to mirror back to us healthy ways to feel better. Ways that are appealing to who we truly are.

The second step is where all the fun is at and I will cover it all tomorrow. However, most people never reach the second step because the first step is very long and tedious. Remember I spoke of sandpapers and how blessings sometimes come wrapped in sandpapers? Well, getting polished hurt. It will rub you the wrong way. It will literally feel as if  your skin is getting rubbed against sand or worst against a giant sack of needles until it reaches the bone.


Some like to call the first step “the dark night of the soul.” It is scary to have to overcome all our fears and shed all our skins. Removing our masks and facing our ugly inner reality takes a lot of courage. Forgiving ourselves, forgiving others, letting go and finally opening our heart again requires us to sacrifice all we think we got. The death of the ego literally feels like we are dying or loosing something. But it is necessary in order to be born again. Admitting you did something wrong or apologizing is not the end of the world.


Everyone suffers. And when we suffer we make others suffer. We create and perpetuate suffering. It is true sometimes we have no conscious control over what happens to us. Maybe you were raped/sexually abused by your parents or closed relatives. Maybe your alcoholic/addict mother or father used to beat the heck out of you. Maybe one of  your parent abandoned you or died when you were young. Maybe someone you love cheated on you or left you all alone… All those events always seem unfortunate at first. But that’s not what makes the suffering get worst. It gets out of control when we refuse to take responsibility for how we choose to react in the present now.

That is exactly what the Universe mirrors back to you… How you feel right now… So if you want to know where to start… If you want to know what the Universe is reflecting back to you… I dare you to ask yourself “how do I feel?”  And if you are willing to sit with the intuitive answers that come to you and accept them as true, best believe, you are well on your way to get anything you want.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul












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