Major Life Hack – Understanding The Mirror Of Your Life – Part 2

As promised, here’s part 2 of yesterday’s article related to the law of attraction and how the Universe is sorta like a mirror reflecting back our feelings to us in the shape of different life experiences… Sometimes we enjoy what is being reflected back and sometimes we do not. That is because our ego plays a huge role in how we interpret reality whether it is consciously or subconsciously.


The ego is not the true representation of who we are. It’s a false sense of self. An imposter. But when we are deeply rooted in our ego, we firmly believe we are it. It’s because most people rather be right than feel good. We think “being right” and “feeling good” are the same thing when they are truly not.


So because we want to be right, we often keep ourselves deep in misery. We then start believing we are unworthy of true happiness and infinite abundance. We think we are doomed to struggle for the rest of our lives. That is because the ego, often associated with the reptilian brain, is not wired for change. Its sole purpose is to keep us alive, in survival mode.ย  It is only concerned about the basics : eating, sleeping and reproducing (sex). When either one of those areas appear to be endangered, our ego starts working to find solutions.

The problem with that is the reptilian brain is not concerned about emotions. Therefore, when we strictly operate on survival mode the solutions only satisfy us temporarily. Our ego never seeks long term solutions. He’s more of a “duck tape” kind of guy. That is why a lot of people find themselves in unhealthy relationships that make them unhappy but are afraid to leave because they don’t want to be alone.

People on survival mode never take risks. They are scared to be who they truly wish to be. They often follow the crowd and bury themselves under multiple masks. That is why step one is so important. If you wish to change something in your life and feel better, you must part ways with the ego. Otherwise you’re just another frightened animal. If you don’t master the mind, the mind will master you.


The second step in taking advantage of the universal mirror effect is identifying how you feel. Once the ego is out of the way and we no longer operate out of fear, we allow our emotions and our inner guidance system to take over. Identifying how you feel does not have to be hard and complex. It can be as simple as asking yourself this basic question “do I feel good or do I feel bad?” And remember to keep your ego out of the way, for the answer to be genuine and authentic.

Allow your intuition to guide you. Do not block it. While we can be wrong about others, our emotions never lie about ourselves, when we come from a place of total neutrality, receptiveness, love, forgiveness, compassion and acceptance.

We were all born with this inner guidance system. When we are unbiased, It is the most effective way to find healthy, fulfilling and satisfying long term solutions. But we have to be willing to truly listen and act tho. The secret is, we almost always know what to do. The irony is, most people often never really do anything.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul



















15 thoughts on “Major Life Hack – Understanding The Mirror Of Your Life – Part 2

    1. Thank you for your time and nice comment, Bernice. Yes I agree… Know thyself and everything falls into place. It’s sad that most people are disconnected from themselves… But I think that’s the purpose of our lives. The more I dive into this journey of mine, the stronger I believe we came here in a state of amnesia for the sole purpose of raising our vibrations and reconnecting with Source… Does it make any sense to you?

      Infinite love peace and wisdom your way!

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      1. Well, congratulations! Being able to start and finish something says a lot about who a person is… It requires a lot of commitment, consistency, perseverance and willpower because sometimes passion is not enough… Well, that is my take. How would you say maintaining a blog has shaped you?

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      2. It takes dedication, commitment and time I often have to steal from other obligations since working a full time job. It’s not always easy but being able to help, motivate and potentially inspire others on a broader scale makes it all worthwhile for me.

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  1. What is a thought? The Benjamin Libet experiment showed that the brain had already decided what was going to happen by sometimes as much as 5 seconds before the thought was formed. The brain had neurons firing to flick a finger or hand then the thought was formed 5 seconds later, “I think I’ll move my hand.” They’ve been debating this experiment for decades. Interesting.

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    1. Thank you for your time Eric. I never heard of the B.L.E before now so I looked it up! I also looked up Sam Harris, after you’ve mentioned him. Thanks for dropping knowledge. Interesting experiment to say the least. Sam Harris also makes interesting points.

      Free will and consciousness are tough ones.

      Whether we have free will or not has been the subject of debates for ever since we can remember… And consciousness is also quite debatable.

      When it comes to me, after reading many different authors from Philosophers, Neurobiologists, Physicists to Psychologists, I come to the conclusion that nobody truly knows. Everyone has their theories on consciousness and free will based on their field of study. It’s a mystery and I think that is the way it is meant to be… On that note, even mythologists, artists and cinematographers have views on existential subjects… I’m eagerly waiting for Alien Convenant which is Prometheus Prologue… I thought Prometheus was intellectually interesting. Hopefully Ridley Scott dives a little deeper in the Engineers mind. This shows that, at the end of the day, we all look for the same answer.

      Quantum Physicians like Dr. Michio Kaku seem to believe we do have free will on a quantum level since the atoms change shape depending on the observer. Here on Big Think : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jint5kjoy6I

      And if you want to dive really deep into the consciousness world check this study: https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/consciousness/
      They brought together several theories on consciousness stemming from biology, quantum physics, philosophy to psychology (etc.)

      With that being said, me honestly, free will or not, I like to believe in things that empower the individual all the way ๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. Good point to believe in that which empowers. I know in the world of Zen a teacher might slap the floor hard while yelling KATZ at the top of his lungs. The point being it’s what in front of us right now. All the talk of free will and consciousness is a distraction to what’s in front of us. I have no idea anymore!! Thanks for the links. I’m on it. Cool.

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  2. I watched Michio Kaku on Big Think and he’s great. Seems to be making sense. I only have one question that I’d love to ask him. He rationalizes free will with the quantum world of electrons popping in and out of existence or appearing simultaneously in different places. The Heisenberg Uncertainty theory. He seems to think therefore we can draw a parallel of this uncertainty in our macro world. An electron is only a single entity. Humans are made of trillions of cells, tens of trillions of microbiome, DNA, genetics and god know what other energies. Can he really make that comparison? I’ve never seen a human pop into existence, but then…maybe I wasn’t wearing my glasses?

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    1. I wish I could answer those questions for you… But my understanding of those phenomenons is a bit limited. Even Einstein said “Nobody truly understands Physics” because at the end of the day, we can’t always observe the theories.

      Nevertheless, the way I understand it is, when not being observed by an observer, in this case you or me or anyone, electrons act more like waves which allow them to be at several places at the same time. Nothing really pops in and out of existence, everything is already there. Energy cannot be destroyed nor created. According to quantum mechanics, you and I, since we are fundamentally cells and atoms, at a quantum level, we behave like waves or ripples. Our position is not really defined. Everything is always in motion. Everything takes shape and position based on the observer or the experience. They go as far as stipulating that maybe there is no world or no reality when there is no one to observe it… They are wondering. It leaves a huge question mark when it comes to free will. The whole world might just be a huge fabrication of whoever is observing it. It`s just a theory. Brian Greene does a great job at explaining the phenomenon you try to understand here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBrsWPCp_rs

      And since you seem to appreciate the mind of Dr. Kaku, I invite you to dive deeper into his quantum mind by watching this video -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYAdwS5MFjQ in which he explains the String theory.

      Mind you, nobody truly understands how it works… There is always room for better theories, explanations and improvement ๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. Yes, I’ve seen these, but it’s good to watch again. It comes back to the Zen world of ‘what is happening now’ is all that matters. To get into a theoretical discussion on a quantum mechanics and how it affects my world, in which I don’t even have a working knowledge of basic algebra and some of the greatest minds in physics don’t agree or understand would be a waste of time for someone like me. Like discussing God. No one knows. Lots of hunches, guesses, theories, but in the end the sun comes out, the grass grows in the spring. That’s all I know…for now. And that’s really enough.

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      2. Not bad for someone with a basic knowledge of algebra lol! You’re a lot enlightened, it shows in the way you are opened to question your reality. Most people are scared and petrified to venture outside their ideologies… They rather believe beautiful lies instead of getting told the ugly truth… I think it`s good to have at least a minimal awareness that the world we experience is not all there is… even if we don`t fully understand it yet…

        With that being said, focusing on the sun and the beauty of nature is really good therapy ๐Ÿ˜‰

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