The Number One Secret To Feel Truly Limitless

If you are looking for a sign that you’re about to experience a major positive breakthrough in your life, the sign is that what you went through did not break you. – Unknown


There were times I felt powerless and limited by my circumstances. On a physical and biological level, I hated the skin and the body I was in for the longest of time. And on a psychological and emotional level, I thought I was doomed to live unsatisfying experiences for the rest of my life. I was doing and trying new things but I was unaware of who I was. I was also denying and hiding a big part of myself, in the attempt of protecting a fragile identity. And because of that, I learned the hard way. I was working hard without working smart. I also had no relationship consciousness because I had no relationship with myself. Now that I look back, I believe I was in something called “limbo.” I was physically present, but my spirit was totally disconnected.


Today my attitude has changed and evolved greatly. I no longer see adversity as something bad. It taught me so much and still teaching me a lot about my place in this world. The struggles I went through helped me build willpower. While they could have break me, it made me.


But I know many people let struggles and obstacles defeat them. Some even go as deep as committing suicide or let a terminal disease take them away because they can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.


My physical and emotional scars and mostly the state of my gradually healing wounds, puts me in a place of non-judgment. I understand suffering on levels many people don’t. I also now greatly understand we all do the best we can and we’re all experiencing different consciousness levels. It’s not about being smart, good or bad. Everything is truly about one’s emotional/psychological consciousness/awareness, self-consciousness and self-awareness level.


However, because of my emotional and physical scars and the state of my gradually healing wounds, I also understand that I am not forced nor obligated to subject myself to any more suffering. Pain is real, but suffering is optional. This means that true love does not cause injuries. Love is a healing factor. Love heals. Love is light. Love is freeing. Love opens doors.

So stray away from anything that makes you feel divided and separated. We confuse pain for love. They are antagonists. Pain is real but suffering is optional. Love heals pain therefore love can’t be pain. The only time pain can be love is when pain is metamorphosing into love. I can then give pain a second chance, but only when pain becomes the face of love. This knowledge of love comes with the true awareness of the self and can only be experienced once we start acknowledging and accepting ourselves. When we love and respect ourselves, we know what we deserve.


I deserve love. You deserve love. I deserve understanding. You deserve understanding. I deserve respect. You deserve respect. I deserve loyalty. You deserve loyalty. But ultimately what all this means is that we have to become and breathe what we think we deserve. Once we start changing into what we believe we deserve, we slowly start feeling limitless.


Everybody deserves better. Better commodities, better relationships, better family bounds,  better friendships, better knowledge, better wisdom, better love, more wealth, better health, etc.


But knowing you deserve better is only the first step in feeling truly limitless. Once you realize you had enough of mediocrity, you must turn inward with love and understanding so that you don’t blame the world. Use your negative emotions and turn them into unbreakable willpower. Use obstacles and struggles as energy fuel. The more adversity and rejection you get, the more fuel you have.


Someone recently told you “no”?  Good. They gave you energetic gas money to drive away and look for someone who will say yes. Someone cheated on you? Good. They gave you energetic gas money to leave them and attract someone faithful. Someone you love passed away? Good. They gave you energetic gas money to start a spiritual journey so that you can learn to be more grateful. Someone humiliated and gossiped about you? Good. They gave you energetic gas money to build a stronger and more humbling identity.

Training your mind to see good in every situation is the true key in feeling limitless. That does not mean you wont experience times where you just want to break apart, cry or punch someone in the face. Training your mind to see good in every situation means you train yourself to build willpower. And willpower is fuel. It is energetic gas money. So if you feel like you are the odd one out, chances are, you have the X factor. You are incredibly valuable. If you know better, be better. Gas up.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul




















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