2 Ways We Can Love Ourselves Better

We all experience this world differently because we all have different skins and we all come from different walks of life. Moreover, we’re all on different consciousness/awareness levels.

Our understanding of reality depends on where we are located in the emotional, psychological and spiritual spectrum. Therefore there is no such thing as an idiot… even tho we like to think so.

However, the societies we live in and the actual human collective consciousness do not make it easy to freely be and love ourselves. I think we all struggle with the same kind of ultimatum at some point… Be yourself or be rejected… Right? Well.. Although it may seems that way, it’s the absolute opposite. We can’t attract the right people and circumstances if we are fake.

Acting fake and putting on a mask stem from self-disapproval. We hide and protect the fragile part of our identity thinking nobody would love and accept it. But, if we wear masks, we can’t expect our soulmate and everything that is meant for us to see/recognize us and be attracted to us.


So here’s 3 little ways we can love ourselves in a world that seems to constantly remind us we’re not enough.

1. Recognize your program : We’re all programmed and conditioned with something. The question is with what? We often hold beliefs that are not even  ours. They are merely social programs and cassettes we keep playing over and over again. Well, in this first step, take just a minute and allow yourself to slowly enter the rabbit hole a little bit and ask yourself “Am I really me?” It helps if you stand in front of the mirror and awkwardly look into your own eyes. Don’t look at your face. Stare at your soul.

Who is this person in front of the mirror? Are you just another brick in the wall? Are you in passive, reactive or proactive mode? Are your thoughts yours? Is your life yours or is it someone elses? Are you desperately trying to wear a shoe that does not fit you? You want to be comfortable in your shoes. Make sure the shoes and the hat you wear fit your idea of how shoes and hats should be worn. If you are living in a box that suffocates the hell out of you, you might want to start looking for ways to get out as fast as possible.

2. Reprogram yourself : Once we’ve realized we are programmed with cassettes that were previously put in us by our upbringings like our skin color, family, mother, father, culture, country, society, religion, language, etc, we can start reprogramming ourselves with our own cassettes… Programming yourself with your own self-made disks will ultimately make you appreciate your own existence more because you’re going to be more connected with who you are. This will attract all the right people and circumstances in your life.

You want to make sure you are aligned with what feeds your soul for your soul will align everything that is truly meant for you. Starve your ego… If it does not feel right and causes you to be depressed, anxious, exhausted and lost, it does not mean it’s necessarily wrong, but it means that’s not right for you. Let it go. You will never be in the right circumstances and attract the right kind of people, if  you keep holding yourself in the wrong situations around the wrong kind of people for you.

Love yourself. Recognize your program. Does your current program serve  your progress and helps you reach full potential? If no, consider reprogramming yourself with your own cassettes and just watch how everything unfolds before your Eye. Trust the process.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul








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