Order Is Always Preceded By Great Chaos

In time of chaos, confusion, loss, death, grief, divorce, breakup, bankruptcy, whatever it is for you, etc., it’s good to remember those are only all different faces of change and transition. And transitioning may sometimes feel like hell. However, light is always preceded by darkness. So if you are going through tremendous change and transition right now, just keep going.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul









4 thoughts on “Order Is Always Preceded By Great Chaos

    1. Thank you for your time Bhanu. It would be nice if it was not always the case. But maybe that’s where humanity is heading towards a more conscious state where chaos becomes unnecessary.

      Hope all is good with you.

      Infinite love peace and wisdom your way!

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      1. You sure we are heading towards conscious state ?

        We often think we are in chaos and we need to turn it down
        But we are always in dynamic balance
        When we try to create a static balance we break the situation and create chaos

        Because ordered chaos is necessary and inevitable.

        Last mail to you is still pending on your side. 🙂 I wish to make progress in our conversation.

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      2. I do, I am convinced we are moving forward… Humanity is usually slow to learn but change is inevitable… That’s why, we might have to face a third world war… Hopefully we will change before more people get hurt… Anyway I’m optimistic that either way, everything happens for a specific reason… I did see your email Bhanu. I will reply with a constructive answer very soon.


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