The Beliefs We Hold Shape The Reality We Live

For every action or decision there’s an equal opposite – Newton

As we believe we think. As we think we vibrate and as we vibrate we attract. It all starts with our beliefs. With beliefs we can either build or destroy. So make sure your beliefs are empowering you and others. As well as helping you and others grow in abundance, love, wealth and health. I like to believe we can do anything we put our mind to. I also absolutely love and embrace the idea that we are co-creators of our life.

Whatever we do to others or do to ourselves and whatever we think of others or think of ourselves, remind yourself it’s already done and it’s already coming back. Be really mindful of what you do, what you say and what you think. It’s not about them. It’s all about you, which ultimately makes it all about them. If you suffer you will make someone suffer which in return they will make you suffer more or make someone else suffer. If they suffer, they will make you suffer which in return you will make them suffer more or make someone else suffer. We are reflections of each other. It’s a fair turning wheel. The impact is always immediate although the effects may take time to manifest.

So don’t worry about what others say and do. Because remember, whatever they did to you, you have already done to them and this also means, whatever you’ve done to them, they’ve already done to you.

Alrighty. Careful now. Let’s keep our beliefs and our thoughts in check ๐Ÿ˜‰

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul















18 thoughts on “The Beliefs We Hold Shape The Reality We Live

  1. The only way to stop the cycle is to learn how to love yourself, regardless of the conditions you find yourself in, and to treat those around you with the same love and understanding you wish them to show to you.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

    Love is always the answer.

    Namaste & Blessed Be, friend!

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    1. Thank you for your time Amanda. Yes the cycle can be stopped with a lot of love and forgiveness, but only ours. Because according to the law of motion, energy can never be destroyed nor created it can only change form. This law has proven to be true with everything. I mean if we take water for example, when it’s hot it evaporates and becomes air. When it’s cold it becomes ice, etc. It never goes away, just like any of the elements. Wooden chairs are yet just another form taken by trees.

      Human beings we’re elements as well. While we have power over our own energy, we have no control over the energy of others. Unfortunately, If we hurt someone, the decision to forgive us and start generating good energy in their life is entirely theirs, just like the decision to change our life remains ours. It’s already done… People we hurt may never forgive us and/or die, get sick or go through emotional hell many years from the pain we’ve inflicted to them (which ultimately is already coming back to us). Same way with us and what they’ve done to us… etc. That’s why they say “it’s already done.”

      Nevertheless, I agree with you. When we love ourselves and don’t suffer, the vibes we generate are healthy and anyone who comes in contact with us is positively affected. We can change the now by taking responsibility for before.

      But you know… I’m a bit different from when we first started to communicate. I see and I now understand the perfection. The divine order in which everything takes place. Without shadows we can’t see light. Hence why shadows are necessary. That’s why the darkness always seems to come first…

      Every experience and every person we come in contact with play a role in manifesting whatever we asked for. So it now makes sense to me that if someone asked to be kind and forgiving, they have to meet with people and circumstances that are painful in order for them to learn how to be kind and forgiving.

      That which we are cannot exist without that which we are not. Hot is nothing without cold. We could grasp the concept of hot if cold did not exist but we wouldn’t fully understand it. The only way to know hot is to experience cold. Which makes a lot of sense to me now. What is health without sickness? The concept of love takes shape in the midst of pain. That’s why they say bless all your enemies and the people who hurt you. By showing you who they are, they are showing you who you are.

      It does not take away anything that someone did to us or what we did to them since it’s already sent out and done, but it does create opportunities for growth… Some people say we chose and arranged everything before taking shape in our physical bodies. That we agreed to be in a state of amnesia. Well, I don’t know about that, but it could be true… I still have to fully wrap my head around the amnesia theory.

      But hey, yes love is truly the cure ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Hope all is well with you.

      Infinite love peace and wisdom your way!

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      1. Hey AD! I really enjoy your lengthy replies! I like how you actually converse with your readers.

        One thing that always helps me ‘remember’ these new rules I’ve been learning is to remember that, as you pointed out, energy is neither created nor destroyed, so the things around us, the things we can SEE, are matter that’s ‘in transition’… meaning it’s ‘set’ (temporarily). It’s nothing more than ‘like’ groupings of energy that has come together, and there is nothing that can be done about it (until it goes back into the ‘rotation’ of invisible-to-the-eye energy, waiting to become something else).

        It’s not that I necessarily ‘create’ the reality around me, it’s that I have the ability to ‘see’ where the energy I desire to ‘surround myself’ with, what I attract to myself (or steer myself toward) is where the energy I’m looking to ‘encounter’ is going to ‘respawn’ in some new form. It’s like knowing when & where the ‘power ups’ are about to appear in the video game of life… suddenly, I begin to be in the right place at the right time, things begin working out because I’m no longer chasing energy that has already ‘become’, I’m tuning myself to the ‘frequency’ of the energy in whatever form it’s ABOUT to take…
        Of course, that’s all pure speculation… but an interesting perspective to ponder!

        Have a great day!

        Namaste, friend!

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      2. Well, sometimes I have inspiration to answer something smart which is not always the case lol. When I keep it short that means I’m running low on brain fuel haha. I’m a provider so I need to provide…I think writers are providers…somehow? Not that I assume to be one but reading all of your blogs I realize there’s a providing need behind each post I read. So when someone takes time to leave a comment I try to provide more by striking a conversation in which we can both maybe get something out of it? To make us ponder a bit…? I dont know lol. I guess I like connecting with people more than I previously thought ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Concerning what you said, I will have to go through your comment again because right now it went way over my bubble head lol. But so far what I understand from what you said makes a lot of sense… Physical things always take shape first in the “unseen” yes mos def. I think technology will slowly bring that reality forth with augmented reality and holograms like Windows Hololens. As technology becomes smarter soon the unseen will merge with the seen and will be totally part of our everyday reality.

        However, I do think those rules or laws are not new. I believe they were there all along. We are just starting to discover them and really apply them in our life. A bit like gravity or electricity.

        You know I feel like you and I could speak for days lol! Good stuff!

        Have a great night.

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      3. You too! I just really enjoy people who get my ‘what if’ juices flowing, people who think similarly to myself that we understand where the other is coming from, but different enough that they inspire new ways of approaching life ๐Ÿ™‚
        Thank you for being one of those people!
        Rest well, friend!

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      4. I find it absolutely thrilling and terrifying, equally, because I can see it going really poorly… or completely amazingly, and transforming society… because it will, indeed, transform the world. HOW it transforms the world will be up to us.

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      5. Yeah I think I know what you mean… Perhaps how some people could misuse it to harm others…?

        I think that’s why most people fear technology… the way it could turn humanity into a nightmare. But when you think about it money and technology are neutral in themselves. It’s like you said… It’s the intention behind that decides the fate. I work in tech and there’s nothing mad about me… Well maybe a little who knows lol? But If anything I’m just extremely curious and love to push the boundaries…

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      6. There’s nothing inherently wrong with technology, but it is important to always move forward in love, else the misuse you mentioned become widespread and more harm than help… like nuclear weapons vs nuclear power. Same advancement, different intentions.

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      7. Well, I agree we need to move forward in love with everything… But I think curiosity is in all of us… Whatever line that is not concretely drawn is logically bound to be crossed to then afterward eventually be set as a boundary not to cross again… I think it applies to everything… even to relationships between two people… whether romantic or family related… Sometimes the boundaries seem to be unclear… I mean some of our family members would walk all over us if a line is not defined… Or two people in love that have totally different definition of what is love and what is disrespectful… Sometimes things need to go extremely wrong to find what’s right… Does it make it sense?

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      8. Yes. Without contrast, we have no way of knowing what we do and don’t want. Makes perfect sense… my point is, our science has outpaced our humanity/awareness/global co science… and without the societal pressure for loving action, versus fearful or anger-based action, the science has the potential for much greater harm than it otherwise would. If we proceed from a place of love, we will always proceed toward a more loving place. If we proceed from a place of fear or lack, we will always proceed toward a more fearful or lacking place.

        Begin as you mean to continue.
        Law of attraction.
        Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.
        What goes around comes around.

        Science is benign. It’s simply a mirror of the society that wields it. I support science 1000%, because it can do nothing but support my beliefs. If science disproves your beliefs, you need to re-examine your belief system, in my personal opinion (real science, not junk science).

        But I think I may have strayed off topic… lol.

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      9. Haha well the way I see it Amanda… There is already no turning back… We are too far off.. And I doubt that people want to go back… Nobody really loves doing entry-level jobs like being a representative at Wal-Mart… The result? They are slowly replacing the representatives with automatic scanning machines where people can just scan their own items, pay and leave. Soon enough, there will be no such thing as representatives. Jobs like that will be replaced. Is it because Science is evil and want to take people jobs? Nope. It’s like you said. It’s bound to happen because of our human collective consciousness and deep wanting to be more than “representatives.” So it’s only logical that machines and robots are slowly taking those jobs… New jobs will be created… And they will allow us to truly define ourselves as human beings… well I think?

        I mean internet (the cloud) has become a new membrane, its own intelligence… And it will only continue to grow and to become “smarter” as more information feeds the cloud… The cloud will just get bigger. For example, every blog post you write or that anyone else writes is part of the cloud forever.

        Yes, some people use it in a very poor way (gossips on social media… sex etc.).. But on the flip side, it is bringing people together… The day we reach singularity (meaning the day where internet and wifi becomes free and is accessible everywhere all over the world), will mark a very interesting point in human history…

        Like you said, Science and everything else that happens or exists in our world is just a reflection of our human collective consciousness which is not very high lol…

        The problem with that is that technology develops at a greater speed than the human collective consciousness and that is why it will eventually surpass human intelligence. Not because computers are evil or smarter but because human beings are only going to get “dumber” and more lazy. Computers are going to do everything for us so we’re not going to use our brain as much… But blame not science.. Without science we wouldn’t be speaking right now. No cellphones, no electricity, no warm food… no hair dye…. Everything in this world exists either because of a science experiment gone wrong or a deliberate experiment…

        Anyway, I get what you’re saying… but what if it was part of our collective karma to experience all of this? If you think about it everything in this world is result of a human being that thought about something and did it. So I think what we fear is us because we are scared of what we are capable of doing.

        But like you said… without contrast where do we draw the line? You might be tempted to say “no robots” but they’re already here lol. You drive one. You cook and warm your food with one. You write your article with one… The next logical step is to fuck one you know what I mean lol. Not that I would personally do that, it’s just a figure of speech…

        Anyway the porn industry is already manufacturing sex robots so if anything science will slowly reduce the crime and the rape rate… Soon enough half the population will be busy fucking their slave robots loll. Just look on YouTube : “Vice First Male Sex Robot.” Very interesting documentary that shows where our belief system is taking humanity.

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      10. Lol, I’ll just take your word for it.

        You seem to have quite the dim view on your fellow man, lol. You see, I envision the future a little differently. I envision a future where the robots all take over the neaningless jobs, the day to day jobs, the mindลบnumbing, soul-sucking jobs that suck every bit of joy and creativity out of life, and it’s probably going to get rocky for a while, during the paradigm shift, but when things steady out, ohhh… it’s going to be so amazing! We will be learni g about ourselves and our universe like never before, and we will be free to pursue our true purpose. To laugh and love and create and geel and LIVE, like humanity never has before. It’s going to be AWESOME.

        Please forgive me if I pass on your version of the future, in favor of my own. Apparently my decision to ‘Be More Loving’ also includes humanity as a whole, lol! (I’m just as surprised as you are! Ha!)

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      11. Well that’s basically what I meant in a more dramatic/realistic way loll. Yes the future will be Zion for many of us. But nightmare for those who can’t create their reality. It’s literally going to be the same as now loll. The same people who blame the world now will continue and blame the robots. But I agree yes, I also envision this kind of utopian future. However, two things with what you said: First, the paradigm shift is not in twenty years, it is happening right now, right before our eyes. People think it’s in the future because they don’t realize the future is now. There is no past nor future… There is only now. The past once was “now.” The present only exists because the future has already happened. People don’t realize the paradigm is gradually happening because they make it so. I dont know where you are in the part of the world exactly, but around here we can see clues of the future already… for example like I said automatic scanning machines in grocery and variety stores… More cities like Silicon Valley will eventually be developed… self-driving cars, phones that get smarter, virtual reality like the Hololens I showed you etc. Companies are slowly laying people off in favor of operating machines. The shift is now lol. The only difference is that in twenty years it will be more apparent everywhere.

        Second thing, why wait something dramatic like that to live life and be free? Do we really need machines and robots to take over in order to define who we are? The illusion is that we are not free. The greatest secret is that we are. We always have a choice… Yes?

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      12. *smiles* we seem to agree on what will be/is happening, our vision on what it will look like and how/when it will unfold differ, naturally, but we seem to be in basic agreement.

        I believe the paradigm shift will not begin (globally) in earnest for a while longer. The ‘soup’ still needs to simmer a while, I believe, but I think the second wave of… awakened? Are beginning the process of ‘transforming’, so, we are in agreement with the direction this is all going… but even if we weren’t, that’s okay, too ๐Ÿ™‚

        The greatest secret is that not even chains can bind a free mind, but an enslaved mind can be chained by a single word.

        Free the mind, and the body will soon follow, or die trying.


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      13. Well, you know I like that. One thing I want to add is that there’s nothing to agree or disagree on here… We’re just having a great conversation. I want to keep this space as peaceful as possible and when I reply and engage with people it’s to share knowledge and point of views. Never to truly debate. I’m not the kind of person that would get heated over a debate anyway. It’s a behavior I don’t understand… I don’t see your opinion as a “threat” to my integrity or something to get mad about. I understand we all see the world differently and I like that difference. It allows me to open my mind wider. Whether you feel like we are already in the soup or not, it’s just a question of perspective. With that being said I`m looking forward to read more of you and your latest stories lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

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