How To Transform A Hostile Universe Into A Friendly One

The truth is, we live in an infinitely kind and unspeakably wise Universe that we are a part of, not apart from; where we, ourselves, are co-creators. How we see the world shapes how we live and the reality we create. I know it’s not all rainbows and sunshine all the time, let’s not kid ourselves here. Struggle gets real sometimes, yo. Gossips, bankruptcy, debts, ugly divorces/breakups, lies, loosing jobs, evictions, physical sickness, mental illness, addiction…  But ain’t rainbows created with a mix of rain and sunshine? Where we expect to see beauty, there will always be beauty.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul






8 thoughts on “How To Transform A Hostile Universe Into A Friendly One

  1. The ‘universe’ simply is. It’s neither hostile or friendly. The things you mentioned: Gossips, bankruptcy, debts, ugly divorces/breakups, lies, loosing jobs, evictions, physical sickness, mental illness, addiction are all man-made. Yes, we are a part of the universe..agreed on that. The earth and cosmos have nothing to do with it. Humans make their own heaven and hell on this tiny planet in the Milky Way galaxy. If a star explodes creating a black hole that’s neither hostile or friendly. It just happened.

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    1. Thank you for your time Eric. Hope you’re good. I agree we`re probably just a tiny little fragment of the Earth and Cosmos. But diving deeper into the Physics of Einstein for instance, the more he studied the Universe, the stronger he believed everything was related together due to the perfection of all things. And now the new Physics seem to point to a “oneness” connection of all things and beings. A guy like you probably heard of the Higgs Boson? Also known as the God Particle? While it has nothing to do with “God”, it seems to correlate our existence and so the existence of the Universe.

      Most astronomers agree that every element found in space is found in us. Carl Sagan did not say “we’re made of star dust” out of fantasy or just for poetry. He stated a fact. So we affect the Universe, the Cosmos, just like the Universe affects us.

      Now since you agree that we are the masters of our own reality, would it be too far fetch to believe there is a connection between the reality we create here and a star exploding somewhere? Think about it for a second… Do we experience the Universe or is the Universe experiencing life through us?

      Yes, all the things I named are man-made. The things I named are just thoughts, atoms basically. So if even a thought can be reduced to an atom, and since everything seems to be connected, again, is it too far fetch to believe we could be co-creating star deaths? What if the Universe is also “whatever-kind-made”?

      When you think about it, you start understanding why Einstein came up with the friendly or hostile Universe concept. I don’t think he meant it literally. Or maybe he did, who knows? He’s the guy who believed everything is relative.


      1. Maybe you’ve heard of Biocentrism, Robert Lanza ? Sounds like what you’re talking about.
        Yes, I watched all 12 episodes of Sean Carroll’s Higgs Boson – Great Courses series, which is 6 hours in total. He’s a great teacher and explains it so even I could understand.

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      2. Yes I know what Biocentrism is. It is not what I’m talking about here… I’m more referring to what Physicists call “Quantum Entanglement.” I’m sure you know what it is. On some deeper level I do believe the way we live as human beings affect the eco system of our planet which affects our Galaxy on some broader perspectives. And the way we live as humans have everything to do with the way we think. Do you see what I mean?


      3. But again, it depends from which perspective we are coming from… Do we want the responsibility or not? It is far easier to think we have nothing to do with the death of a star than to change our ways.

        The changes in the atmosphere affect more than just our own Earthy atmosphere. I believe it also affects everything outside of it. I think we are part of a system in which every part plays a role in how the system behaves. I believe it goes further than our own little understanding of Physics, Astronomy and Biology…

        We are not in synced because we do not understand it. So from that perspective, we could be creating “out-of-synced” galactic events.

        I’m not an expert but since the doors for theories are broadly opened, every guess is as good as theirs like Michio Kaku said : “If you are unsatisfied with my String theory, make your own” No theory is a fact. I wish I could come up with numbers but again I’m more of a Philosopher.


      4. And it goes both ways. Sun flares, stars exploding, black holes and an alien race 50 light years across the galaxy affects us. We believe we’re trashing our own environment with our thoughts and actions, but…who knows…we could be just riding a cosmic shit storm created somewhere in the universe.

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      5. I mean look the way we live… we’re not very advanced… Our main source of energy comes from the dead (fossil fuel) and meat… We`re what Michio Kaku calls a type 0 civilization. Are we going to blow ourselves up before reaching type 1?

        About the cosmic storm, I agree we could.Who knows, with NASA recent news I wouldn’t be surprised…

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