Dealing With Polarity And Contrasts As They Come

I’ve been wanting to talk about polarity for a long time. This will appear very elementary for many of you but it’s one of my favorite subject at the moment. It seems to never really get old.

So coming from my experience I used to wonder why all those things in my life were happening… I felt unlucky… that the world was against me. I thought I didn’t have a choice and that I was doom to experience mediocrity because of my upbringings… I mean I do not know who my parents are. I’ve been told different stories about how I ended up at the orphanage where I grew up for the first years of my life. I will probably never see my parents face as I was told they are long gone and no memories are left of them… All I got is their names.

So I’ve lived majority of my life experiencing a lot of traumatic events… I’ve never been in a relationship where I truly felt loved and enough. Not even with my adoptive family. I attracted a lot of hurt people who hurt me in my experience. Then every time it happened I thought “well I will never be someone’s first choice anyway.” And my latest relationship made sure I got the lesson for good. It hit me in the face how my ex treated me the way I felt “not enough.” But this time I put my foot down. Truth is, I accepted the idea of me not being enough through the eyes of the people I met and the external world… society.

Fast forward, I was unaware that my beliefs and my thoughts were the cause of my misery. I attracted all those miserable people and situations to me. I guess they’ve attracted me to them as well since we were vibrating on the same frequency at the time. But even after I long understood that I needed to change and elevate my mind to a new reality for my reality to change, I still had questions… And although I have opened myself to receiving answers and have received many, I still have a lot of questions left unanswered… but, with a lot of introspection, patience and self-love, I feel like I have crossed over the “oh poor me” line, which, I think, kinda put me in a position to talk about polarity. It goes like this.

The moment you declare to be anything, everything unlike it always comes and shows up. It’s polarity. If you call for love, hate also comes. If you call for health, sickness also comes. If you call for wealth, poverty also comes. If you call for company, loneliness also comes. If you call for success, failure also comes.

To give you an example, let’s rewind to when I felt victimized. In my victim hood where I felt not enough and attracted all experience like it, a subconscious part of me felt enough (my soul). Hence why it hurt. When the soul is hurt, a call for love and joy is always made to the Universe, whether we make the call consciously or not. It’s polarity. So in the midst of my vessels pain, I called for my vessels to heal. In other words, problems always come with solutions and solutions always come with problems because when we are facing problems we call for solutions. And yes, subconsciously, when we are enjoying solutions, we call for bigger problems so that we can enjoy bigger solutions. It’s the cycle of growth.

But here’s what they don’t tell us. It does not have to always be this way. There is another less painful way to progress and grow. Because you see, whatever you think you would like to be do or have causes another to be do or have. Whatever you become, causes another to also become. The reason being we are not the receivers, we are source. Fragments of the same roots. There is no one else. Hence why the saying “do onto others as…” because there is only you there. While it may sound like some religious type of shizzle, Physics, Quantum Entanglement, also points to how we’re all seem to be attached to the same unique cell. This is really profound. Once you understand you are not receiver but source, you become resourceful.

That which you are cannot exists without that which you are not. In order to become that which you are, you might have to experience that which you are not. And in order to have that which you want, you might have to experience that which you do not want. It is in the unknown that we get to finally experience the known. Powerful.

So embrace the contrasts and the polarity as they come in your space. They are a sign of manifestation. That which you want is on its way.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul









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