Why Experiencing Lack Feels Terrible

We are naturally attracted to abundance because abundance is natural. No matter how things appear, if the objects of your strongest desires were not already yours, you wouldn’t be asking for it from the get-go. The “higher” self always causes us to ask the things that we are in alignment with, whether consciously or subconsciously. The question is, do you expect lack or abundance?

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul








8 thoughts on “Why Experiencing Lack Feels Terrible

    1. Hey Eric thanks for your time. I gently smiled when I saw your comment… Ain’t quality just another word to speak of abundance? Whether one man sees abundance in quantity and anotha in quality… Aint those two words just a different expression of abundance? 😉


      1. Good point. I keep thinking ‘abundance’ is millions in the bank, two houses, 4 cars, but that’s material abundance. Hmm..ya, good point. Thanks

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      2. Abundance is whatever we make it to be… And if I may add, there’s also nothing wrong with having 4 cars and two houses… The 4 cars and the two houses are yet just physical mirrors of someone’s abundant mindset.

        The problem with that kind of quantifiable abundance is that the general population attaches something bad to it… Especially the spiritual community… As if being spiritual means being materialistically poor… the poorer the more ‘spiritual’ or ‘mindful’. It’s yet just another mentality. Material abundance has nothing to do with spirituality or greed. Some millionaires have had the most traumatic life experiences. They rose above their circumstances… It does not make them less of a good person or less spiritual because they got out of struggle… If anything – some – of the millionaires we see are probably the closest to their emotions and feelings because it took them a lot of spirituality to get out of misery. But it’s all just belief system at the end of the day 😉


      3. Makes sense. What comes to mind is Tina Turner who converted to Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism. I remember an interview where she said it is fine to be rich and she chants for it. She didn’t feel the need to be an aesthetic and denounce worldly things. I agree.

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      4. Yes, and take the Pope for instance. I mean that guy is rich while preaching to the poor? They are telling me they built all those “Holy” buildings with the Grace of God only? The way they used to brainwash people to buy their place in Heaven is mind boggling. Some of those Ministries are very profitable “companies.” It’s a business these days… And it always was lol. Let’s face it, in the capitalistic world we’ve always lived in, we can’t survive without money… It makes me laugh when people say “money it’s not important” but those people are the same ones who envy the rich.

        But don’t get me wrong, money alone can’t make us happy, that is true, but to say it’s not important in the world we live in is a lie. We have a lot of resistance towards it because it is associated with greed. I think that’s why a lot of people refrain themselves from having too much thereby keeping themselves in constant misery and struggle. It’s just a mindset. Money is not bad per se, it’s just what we do with it.


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