The Importance Of Building A Strong Positive Belief System

When does a man or a woman die? When their dreams die – Les Brown

80% don’t care, 20% are glad is you.

Whether you are 15, 25, 35, 45, 55 or 65, you deserve the best that life has to offer. Struggle is not your natural state. Illness is not who you are. Past dysfunctions do not define your future.  Those are just temporary states. Those are just vehicles in which you arrive to your desired destination. So whether you get there on a horse, turtle, camel, bicycle, fast car, by foot or on your knees, the importance is that you get there. Get somewhere. We are more than our genes. We can rise above any circumstances. Everything is possible for you.

See, when he reached the age of sixty-five, after running a restaurant for several years, Harland Sanders found himself penniless. He heard over than a thousand “nos” before hearing yes to selling his fried chicken recipe. He became a millionaire at the age of 70 and  is now internationally known as Colonel Sanders, the KFC founder.

So no, there is no such things as too old, too late or even too young. I believe human beings are built for success. Whatever success means to you, YOU can better your life and achieve the level of greatness you want. And do you want to know the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t? Their state of mind.

Not their bank account. Not their relationship status. Not their family. Not their network. Their mindset. The way they think is “it’s not over until I win” and they don’t care if they loose a leg or two in the process.

So look, I don’t know you, but you know me a little by now. I’m the purple head thinker, AD. Trust me, I had my share of losses. I lost parents, culture, many friends and a relationship who gave up on me because I was not enough. One day I will open up about my relationship with my ex but I’m not ready yet because it’s a part of me that is still very fragile. I’m still working hard on that part of me. It’s a part of me that was rejected a lot, even by my ex who claimed to love me… It’s a part of me that I buried six feet under.

Nevertheless, my point is, you can count on me when I say everything is possible… I’m still standing. Not only that I’m still standing, I’m rising up… And finally the circumstances start to be just right… I’m slowly transforming into a butterfly or a blooming flower whichever one  you prefer. I’m meeting the right people with the right mind heart filled with unconditional love. Everything is flowing right now.

And you know what the good news are? Everything is flowing for you right now too. Everything is always flowing for us even when our experience suggests it’s not.

What we see as terrible circumstances are necessary adjustments. I understand it. I believe it. I feel it. I see it. I know it’s true. It’s real not just for me but for you too. I believe in divine order. Everything happens in due time.

So… if your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife ran away with someone else, it means they were not yours to begin with. Or maybe someone else got promoted over you? Or maybe you got fired recently? Whatever you feel you lost, remember that it was never meant to be yours. Whatever has your name on it, whatever is meant to be yours, will not be given to somebody else. Whatever opportunity or whoever is meant for you, will always find their way to you. Whatever is meant for you, will never miss you. Just trust and get ready.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul











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