The Undeniable Link Between Self-Love & Unconditional Love

I wanted to start this post by letting you know of something important.

When I speak of my past, when I reveal something a bit more personal,  for instance, when I mention my ex or anyone who affected me like my adoptive mother, I do not want you to think that I’m venting. This is not what the purple head is about. You’ve probably notice already but…

When I speak of something here, it’s merely because I’m now detached from it in a very positive and enlightened way. My perspective has broadened. Everything that I release here is either an act of letting go or a validation that I have long let go of it. That’s why I’m capable of talking about it openly without resentment, shame and hate. The purple head is a mirror, a reflection of inner growth.

This space is a dimension in which I plant seeds of wellness in the Universe and in my life. Each post is a cog. Each cog a seed. The cogs I release from my head are perfect imperfect mechanics. It’s magical Physics. I consider everyone who tunes in here a purple head releasing mechanical cogs as well.  I like to think of you as  someone who is planting seeds of wellness in their own dimension/reality and heart.

I consider the ghost readers, you know, the people who read our blogs but never leave likes or comments, to be purple heads too (you know who you are).

With that being said, I’m really grateful for my life you know. I have more than enough. But, If you would have talked to me years ago you would have been in the presence of a very different person. More like a zombie. I was all caught up in a weird emotional state. Now I’m free. But I realize freedom is something you have to go for, fight for. Nobody will give you power and freedom freely. You know why? Because most people do not feel powerful and free. So if you want freedom, stop asking permission for it. Just take it and run with it.

This brings me to talk about the indisputable connection between self-love and unconditional love. I ain’t no Saint. And I don’t claim to be self-righteous either. But I think I have a much brighter idea of what unconditional love is. Love without conditions. You love others whether they are with you or not. You love yourself whether your life looks good or not. You love yourself whether you are financially wealthy or not. You love others whether they try to hurt you or not because you understand they are suffering.

For example, unconditional love is being able to tell your ex you are happy when they tell you they have found their soulmate, even if it was an attempt at making you jealous and suck energy out of you (tomorrow I will speak about energy vampires so stay tune). Love without conditions is to love yourself enough to accept yourself and others without you or them having to perform out of character to be loved and respected.


You know you love and respect yourself enough when you won’t entertain low vibration and frequency because you know there is someone for everybody and there’s no competition. Everyone gets their share, all in due time. Everyone deserves love. Nobody was born to suffer. Self-love is being able to see  your own worth. Unconditional love is to be able to recognize your own value whether others see it or not. Even when circumstances are not perfect, you know deep down inside of you, you deserve something really good and that this thing will never miss you. You deserve the truth. You deserve loyalty and true love. You deserve all the goodness of life.

When we love ourselves enough we are capable of providing unconditional love because we love ourselves without conditions. Most people will love you conditionally. They will love you as long as you fit their agenda. Their loyalty disappears in the face of opportunity.

So why not be the smartest and the most enlightened in the room and practice love without conditions? It strengthens the heart and by making our heart stronger, we start to experience pure bliss. And in the midst of every blissful moment, a lot of positive energy is generated. All that positive energy creates a very strong high vibrationnal energy field around you. And when you are constantly making an effort to keep yourself at the most highest frequency you can be, everything and everyone now vibrating at that same high frequency of self-love starts to show up and give you infinite unconditional love. But it all starts with you tho.

No matter what happens, no matter who makes you feel like crap, love yourself enough to walk away. Remember their behavior has nothing to do with you. If someone tries to poison you, mind you, it’s because they have lots of poison inside. And some people have poison instead of blood. So they don’t even know they are poisonous.

Love yourself and believe whatever you seek is also seeking you. But you may want to ask yourself, what are you seeking tho? And how are you seeking it? There’s no need for you to hurt anybody to feel like you won. Nobody ever got to the top by putting people down. So if anybody tries to pull you down to feel better, just understand and realize, it’s because they are already under you.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul






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