Energy Vampires & What To Do In Presence Of One

Energy vampires are usually deeply emotionally suffering individuals. Keeping  that definition in mind, I would be an hypocrite if I didn’t admit I have probably been one at some point in my life since I have been suffering quite a lot for a very long time. In fact, we probably all have been one and we still sometimes transform into one when we are vibrating in a very low negative frequency.

Basically, we become energy vampires when we are unhappy. From a suffering individual point of view, if others do not suffer with what they are suffering with, it means they don’t understand them nor love them. So they often look for ways to bring suffering upon their environment and everyone in contact with them because they don’t want to feel lonely in their suffering. If they can’t find anyone to suck energy from, they will often gravitate around other negative people. Together they will validate their suffering. Misery likes company.

From my point of view, I believe there are two general types of energy vampires, the unconscious and the conscious one.

The unconscious vampire, I think, is the one we often transform into unconsciously when things and circumstances do not go our way or when we are deeply hurt. In this case, we are suffering but we have no idea we are also causing suffering to others by consistently being negative, sad, angry or resentful because we are blinded by our own unhappiness. What makes it even harder on us and also on others  is that we don’t know how to shift paradigm. Suffering, fear and bitterness have become our new normal.

On the other end, conscious energy vampires are suffering individuals who consciously make others suffer. They have often resigned to live in misery and befriend the shadows. All they see is misery.

Here just a few examples of everyday situations that can turn any human into a vampire :

  • Breakups & divorces : If we feel we’ve been treated unfairly, we are most likely to turn sour and walk with a chip on our shoulders.

  • Depressing jobs : If the job you do depresses the heck out of you, you are probably complaining a lot about it.

  • Unhappy life circumstances : When we are unsatisfied with where our life is in the present moment, it’s hard to have a great outlook on the future.

  • Trauma : I believe we’ve all face some form of level of trauma in our lifetime, whether it happened days, weeks, months or years ago. The worst thing about trauma is that it often becomes part of you without leaving any clues that it is there.

  • Grief : If you lost someone or something dear to you, this can potentially turn you into a vampire. Grief can also easily fits in the trauma category.

There are many more examples I could give but the list would be way too long. And I believe you understand it enough to come up with your own examples.

With that being said, here’s what to do if you think you are in the presence of an energy vampire (it could be anyone from a family member, your spouse, a friend… coworker, even one of your kids) :

1. The first thing you want to do is emotionally distancing yourself from that individual and become understanding. They are probably suffering, anxious or scared. Whatever it is they are internally dealing with, they are unhappy and they don’t know what to do. Sucking your energy is their way of expressing and feeding  their negative state of mind.

2. If you feel yourself unable to deal with that individual state of mind because you already have a lot on your plate, it’s best to cut off ties. In fact, some energy vampires need to spend time alone to reflect and work on themselves. It’s something nobody can do for them, if they are not ready to hear. However, if you can’t get away that easy because that person happens to be your kid or someone who’s living under the same roof (eg. a roommate or maybe one of your relatives), two things you can do :

– Minimize your interactions for a while, minimize the time you spend with them. Eventually they might realize your behavior and they just might ask you why you seem to runaway from them. That’s a sign they are opened to conversation.

– Try to change subject when they start being negative. Uplift them by pointing out something good they recently did. Compliment them on something that matters to them. For example, if they change their hair color a lot or spend a lot of time on their appearance, tell them how you love their new color or how that new haircut looks good on them. Strike a conversation about their style… etc.

Now, if you feel like you are an energy vampire, for any kind of reason, you might want to consider changing your life around. Everybody deserves love, abundance, wealth, health, peace and happiness. Nobody was born to suffer. Misery and suffering is not our natural state. Abundance is. Whatever you need to be doing to shake your negative state of mind off (quit your job, start a business, breakup, travel, research your ancestry, write a book, get a new haircut, loose weight… etc.) just do it. Being envious of other people success and bringing suffering around you will only cause more pain and suffering. You owe yourself happiness and freedom.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul













11 thoughts on “Energy Vampires & What To Do In Presence Of One

  1. I am pretty sensitive to people’s energy, and can usually feel another person’s pain just by being in close proximity to them. I happily choose to give them some of my positive energy, but not all. When I start feeling too depleted, I disengage immediately.

    When am energy vampire does enter my space, I hope they’re ready for a love lunch, because that’s all that is on the menu.

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    1. Thank you for your time Jen 😂😂😂 I can’t stop laughing. I missed your humor. Thanks for this. I needed it. I’ll eat your love launch and why do I feel wrong saying this like that lol?

      Well you know, I have no doubt about your vibrationnal ability to raise the frequency around you. You always do when you spark around here 😉

      Infinite love peace and wisdom your way!

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  2. I’ve known a few folks who might be classified as Energy Vampires. Tough to deal with and I STILL can’t completely let-go of our times together. Literally blew my mind. I had a run of meeting them one after the other. Crazy. I just happened to watch a Matt Kahn video yesterday and he talks about narcissists in the first 10 minutes if you’re interested. Pretty good stuff: https://youtu.be/9HP7Emi0Gls

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    1. Thank you for your time Eric. Dropping knowledge again huh? Very nice. That’s the kind of speech I listen to literally everyday that and motivational speeches.

      So I listened to everything Matt said and it was quite mind opening and very wise. While I really do like what he said about ‘inferior’ and ‘superior’ ego, part of me disagrees with it for the simple fact that I think there is no such thing as ‘inferiority’ and ‘superiority.’ Concepts like that along with up/down and good/bad are just human made concepts…

      The ego is just a survival mechanism. I must be one of the very few people who do not perceive narcissists as being ‘superior’… If anything they are consciously much below the average soul hence why they need to pull people down at their level. And I believe narcissism is not as black and white as he likes to portray it… There are nuances. Do you know what I mean? However I do agree with him on the fact that we probably meet and attract certain people in order to help us progress on our journey be someone that will help us be more in our ‘ego’ or less in it… So there is definitely a reason why you’ve met with the people you’ve met with… Only you know why since it’s your own path 😉

      But this is just my own theory. In reality, there is no such thing as inferiority or superiority, just different interpretations of the same thing which is emotional suffering. Nevertheless, I like how he sees everything and he’s definitely someone I’m going to follow for a while. What did you think of his speech?


      1. I’m not a Matt follower or believe everything he says. Someone I know sent me this video so I watched it and then read your post on vampires, so I made a connection and tossed it your way. Sorry to ‘drop knowledge’. Just passing things along that might be of interest. I find him a little ‘out there’ and he doesn’t resonate with me. He seems to be deeply entrenched in this thing called ‘spirit’ and if I can’t directly experience something for myself, which I haven’t been able to, then I don’t believe it. Matt talks a lot about spirit..he’s all about spirit, so I take him iwth a grain of salt. Fun to listen to though. I try to keep an open mind and see what comes.
        As far as my experiences with constantly bumping into narcissistic or vampires type people. I’ve thought about this a lot. A LOT. If they had never come into my life I would be better off today. I see nothing that I’ve gained or learned from any of the 5 that I met. They each destroyed a part of my life that I spent years and years building honestly and with great effort. The only lesson I learned from them is to be wary of such people. They’ve actually made me more cynical and distrusting. I don’t see how that’s a good life lesson??? Thanks for your post. Good stuff as usual.

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      2. I listen to speech like that everyday to help me progress on my inner growth journey. I’m really open to anything and everything. So when I say “dropping knowledge” it’s a way for me to say it’s good, I like that so no need to be sorry here lol… I said it was very nice. I’m working on my personal development a lot. I take what resonates with me and leave the rest. 😉

        For that matter, I think you are smart Eric. It is actually smart of you not to believe everything every spiritual ‘teacher’ says because it would defy the concept of ‘enlightenment’ which is to form your own beliefs by keeping what serves you and leaving the rest aside.

        Two people can listen to the same spiritual speech and come up with two very different understanding of the same concept. It’s because we all follow a different path. And this is exactly how it should be as opposed to be a blind follower.

        Matt is unique in his own genre. He seems to embrace who he is and that makes him very special 😉

        So what do you think humans are, if not souls or spirits?

        In my opinion, the experience is not to experience the spirit or the soul, because it’s not something we experience, I believe it’s something we already are. The experience would be to experience the body. That’s just my take.

        Now with that being said, I think you’ve made it on my top favorite people list. I know cynicism. If that is your interpretation of your experiences so far, there’s nothing I can do or say to you to change that because that is not my place. At the end of the day, as said in my post and in my previous comment, we all understand, interpret and express our emotional suffering differently. The ego always goes in survival mode regardless of the individual being affected by undesired circumstances. The outcome is just a result of what’s going on internally. The more destructive the outcome, usually, the more tumultuous the ‘income.’

        I have my fair share of such experiences… But now as I look back, I’m starting to have a better understanding and a broader perspective on them all.

        When you sent me the video of Matt ‘Returning Karma’ I also watch his interpretation of Twin Flames and Soulmates which in my opinion is the clearest and most logical interpretation I have ever heard. If you did not watch it already, here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2da2CQEyy0


      3. I watched the first 25 minutes. I’ll have to get back to it. Although I’ve heard the terms, soulmate and twin flames, I’ve never really thought much about them. He is a good captivating speaker. He draws you in, is very clear, funny, and gives different perspectives, which sound totally believable. Therefore, I’m watching and listening to him at arms length with one hand on the door knob to escape quickly. The 5 narcissists I experienced were also amazingly quick minded and great speakers. They could captivate me in a few words. So, my little brain is saying, “ya Matt makes sense and I should listen to his talks….BUT…careful here. Charles Manson was a hypnotic speaker too. Anyway…I’ll finish watching this. Interesting.

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      4. If I may add Eric, maybe you’ve already notice but there’s something particular and very specific about the posts I write. They are usually 360. What I mean by that, I never create an image of them versus me because there is no such thing. The image I try to create is more them is also me and me is also them.

        Let’s take the Energy Vampires post for instance, if you look a bit more into it, you will notice that I am very inclusive by mentioning how we’re all exposed to circumstances that can possibly turn us into a vampire. So when you say ‘to be wary of such people’ there is no real way for anybody to have a distinct portrait of such wary people since anybody could turn into that. Anyone can go from not a vampire to a vampire. There is no separation here… Suffering is suffering. Now there are only two ways we express suffering or unhappiness, we either externalize (take it out on everybody) or internalize (take it in ‘in’ us). They are both equally devastating.


      5. I get what you’re saying. Seems true enough. My last encounter, which was 4 years ago, she’s gotten so into my head that I wonder if I’ve become her? It’s crazy. ‘be wary of such people’ and be wary of myself being that vampire. Hmm..

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      6. I don’t know what you are ready to receive Eric so it’s best for me to let you ponder on your own statements 😉

        Maybe I can share something with you and see what you want to do with it… My last relationship ended up the same way the one before… But the last one really hit me on the nail… I realized I was becoming someone who was not in alignment with my deep inner core… Then I went deep and one after one started connecting the dots. At first I was not ready to receive and understand the answers… But the more I do it, the more I see the divine orchestra behind those experiences. I’m realizing and seeing how my last relationship was a wake up call… A message of self-love, self-acceptance and self-respect…

        I was not living to my highest potential. I was rejected just like I was rejecting this part of me that got rejected. Now I do see things that I could have said or done differently but at the same time I was not ready. So I forgive myself because I know we can’t give what we don’t have. But I also forgive my ex because I now see and understand how we all out here suffering in some way… We all have a different version of the struggle… Etc. I’m grateful for my last relationship, it’s a blessing in disguise because it is pushing me to work on myself and take care of myself. But when I was not in the receptive mode, I was bitter, sad and angry. It’s when I started to open up my heart that everything shifted. Resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die… I can’t do that anymore… The mind is a very powerful thing. The greatest slave master 😉


  3. Thanks for taking time to type your story. You make a lot of sense. It’s great that you were able to see through the pain to glean the message of self-love, acceptance and respect. And that it does no good to carry resentment. Truth. I’ll meditate on these words. Cool.

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