Restoring The Self To A State Of Wholeness

If something or someone comes in your life to break you apart, it is only to make you realize you are whole already. – Unknown

Many of you are already pretty familiar with the subject of body, soul, lower self and higher self, I know it ain’t new for you. However, I feel like it’s one of those things that never gets old and can be talked about time and time again because everyone has a different experience with the subject. But although we all do roam the Earth very differently from one to another, it seems that from Physics, Biology, Psychology, Philosophy even to Religion, one thing remain in common :

– the ego is the lower self (its job is to keep us alive, it only cares about eat, sleep, repeat)

– the higher self is our connection to Source (intuition, emotions, feelings, desires, dreams, aspirations, imagination… etc.)

–  the body is the vehicle we use to experience life

All those things(lower self, higher self and body) mixed together create the soul, which is what we are essentially. The state of our soul can be measured by the state of our life. Life is a mirror reflection of the soul.

When one part of the soul conflicts with the others, we find ourselves in a state of incompleteness. Sometimes we are incomplete without even knowing we are. But those who are aware of their incompleteness are halfway through the process. It’s often those who seek that need not to look for they have already bridge pass the seeking phase. If I can give you an example, they say people who attend personal development seminars are often not the ones who need it most. In other words, if one is already aware of his imperfections, he has already walked half the path. And in order to complete the half all one has to do is to realize that.

Let me put it out differently. The soul is the sum of the ego (lower-self) plus the higher-self plus the body. When either one of those parts is not in harmony with the whole, we feel incomplete. We feel we are fighting against ourselves. We often think something is wrong or missing inside of us. Most people tend to look outside of themselves to fix what they feel is a hole. However they don’t realize that the more we seek answers outside, the stronger we feel the separation and the further away we are drifting from the whole. When the cord to Source gets too thin, it creates uneasiness. If pushed too far, uneasiness, the state of feeling uneasy, transform into what they call dis-ease which is truly just a way of saying that the soul is not at ease. The soul needs to feel whole in other to function at its highest potential.

The first step in restoring the self to a state of wholeness is to realize nothing is missing. We are ego, we are lower-self. We are higher self and we are also body. Those three guys never go anywhere without one another. But we think they do, hence why we feel incomplete.

Nothing is missing inside of you. You are always whole. When you truly grasp and embody the concept of that, you are halfway there. Why? Because when you see the full picture on the wall and not just a fragment, you understand everything you need is already there. Now is just a matter of making the pieces work in harmony. The pieces are your body, ego, needs, emotions, feelings, intuition and desires. And your body, ego, needs, emotions, feelings, intuition and desires form the whole 😉

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul








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