3 Signs You Are Emotionally Stronger Than You Actually Think You Are

The heart is a muscle. The brain is another one. Use them or loose them.

Sometimes it’s difficult to feel we are emotionally strong. We feel weak and vulnerable. But while there is nothing wrong with being vulnerable (there is actually power in it), feeling weak can be quite disarming. However most of the time, we are stronger than we think we are. Here just a few signs you are actually really resilient.

1. You are still alive and trying : This may sound trivial, but it’s actually a really good sign you are a very resilient and emotionally strong individual. It’s tough out here. Many people are gone because they gave up. If you are still here and you still find reasons to get up, despite your hardships, well you can be sure that is because you are a tough cookie.

Keep up and never give up. Trust that the Universe conspires in helping you become your greatest version, even when it does not feel like that. The cleansing process always feels awful. But I promise that whatever is meant for you will always find their way to you. No matter what.

2. You are capable of letting go and forgive : Letting go and forgiving must be two of the hardest things someone has to do, because sometimes we have to forgive people and things that do not deserve forgiveness. We also have to let go of people and things we love dearly but do not serve our growth. It’s really not easy to move on. Sometimes it can even take someone a lifetime to get there. So maybe you are not totally ready to let go and forgive yet, but if you are willing to consider the possibility of doing it, it’s a good sign you are a really strong emotional individual.

3. You are open-minded : Not many people have the desire to question their belief system, even when it’s not really helping them progress. For the most part, they rather BE right than FEEL right.

When you reach a point where feeling right becomes more important than being right, it’s a sign you have reached an important emotional threshold. Being open-minded is not just about questioning your views, but it’s about being opened to the idea that the world does not revolve around you. Other people feelings and emotions matter as well. Even the ones of those who wronged you.

If you are opened to concepts, perspectives and truths other than your own, without feeling that they are a threat to your integrity and identity, it’s a really good sign you are emotionally very strong.

Now there are many other ways we can tell someone is emotionally strong, but the bottom line is this : you are emotionally really strong if you have the ability to move from an ego space to a more heartily centered space without feeling too too fearful and threatened. If you are willing to change, learn, grow, shift paradigms and still find ways to move more in love(the 5th dimension), that’s a strong sign.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul















11 thoughts on “3 Signs You Are Emotionally Stronger Than You Actually Think You Are

    1. Thank you for your time Sparkyjen. You see that’s why I think you should run for Presidency lol. I’m grateful for all your gifts (the stars and of course the BIG HUG). Heart felt.

      I just cooked some broccoli cream soup. If you like that I’m sending you some by stork’s delivery. So make sure to watch for a bird bird with an hat. It’s got your name on it 😉

      Infinite peace looooove wisdom your way!

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      1. Yummy!!! I love the gustatory experience of broccoli cream soup, and like you, make it myself. Since reading your reply, I’m looked out my kitchen window several times. Reflect I guess, and almost dinner time. Thanks in advance for your gift, and my new pet!!!

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  1. I can let go because no other choice is available and the mind can’t hold on forever. Things move on. Life moves on. Time goes on.
    I can pretend to forgive, but deeper down…nah…not gonna happen. I can intellectually understand that that person could only have done what he/she did and nothing else. The timing, the circumstances, mental state, biology, moon, stars, etc all came together to form a perfect storm. As Agent Smith says, “It was inevitable, Neo” I think forgiveness for me will come when I can move that intellectual understanding to a heartfelt one.

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      1. Strong ego = strong heart or strong heart = strong ego. But im still learning. However with what I have observed so far, the people who seems to forgive and forget easily are often only better at repressing and pretending. The realer an individual is, the tougher it is to pretend and repressed.

        Also, always keep in mind that appearances are often quite misleading. A lot of people are champions at wearing masks. On top of that, half the population is scared to end up alone so fear can push them to forgive, forget and accept things they wouldn’t normally do.

        Infinite peace looooove and wisdom your way Eric!


    1. Thank you for your time Eric. I like your perspective. I do agree with the idea that everything is set in divine chaos in order to get a divine order… I use the word divine purely outside of a religious context.

      Thing you said here : ” I think forgiveness for me will come when I can move that intellectual understanding to a heartfelt one.”
      You seem to have great grasp on your current state which is a strong emotional sign. While I agree with how you feel, allow me to add this : I believe it is because things are heartfelt first that we can’t forgive.

      What is often irrational for the heart is often irrational for the mind as well. But while the heart is often comfortable with irrationality the brain must rationalize. I think the process of moving from head to heart or heart to head is not as black and white we like to believe. They often happen simultaneously. For instance, when we get hurt, it does not make sense. In other words, when our heart gets broken, the signal that is sent to the brain is “it does not make sense” so our heart sends the brain on a mission to make sense out of it.

      However, the problem is when the heart bleeds too much, the brain can’t focus on healing the wounds since it has to focus on stopping the bleeding first. That’s just my take. Hopefully I’m making sense for you lol.


      1. Wow..ya, that makes a ton of sense. Maybe the brain tries to makes sense but can’t except to stop the bleeding by sending messages; Avoid all women with black hair and short, all bald men with beards that do yoga..any man who smiles too much. And this is locked deep into the subconscious mind, so I wind up running away from everyone…and the heart is left to wither and die and bleed out. Good stuff. Thanks

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