The Meaning Of True Strength

I think we all have our very own definition of what it means to be strong. And I believe your definition is as legit as any other one out there. Being strong is something we all have to be at some point, in order to keep going. But what is strength really?

I see emotional and psychological strength just like physical strength. The heavier the weight the stronger we get. The stronger we get the fitter we get. The body starts to shape beautifully and leaves us with an amazing silhouette. We radiate health and well-being.

That’s exactly what happens internally as we go through life when we choose to use the weight of our challenges to shape us beautifully instead of letting it destroy us.

Give thanks for every heavy challenge in your life. The Universe sent you some weight not to carry but to lift so that your mind, heart and soul can be shaped like the body of a bodybuilder. In my mind, we’re all out here with the ability to be outstanding mind-builders.

Don’t let society, dishonesty, stereotypes, ridiculous expectations, hate, sickness, divorces, breakups, death, abandonment, rejection, resentment, negativity, jealousy, depression, anxiety, drama, loss, grief and any other regressing circumstances turn you into a monster. That weight is put on your shoulders for a reason. Not to weigh you down but to shape you up. So lift that shyt up…!

An Eye for an Eye? A Tooth for a tooth? How about, heart-to-heart? Soul-to-soul? Truth-to-truth?

That is the meaning of true strength.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul









37 thoughts on “The Meaning Of True Strength

    1. Thank you for your time Bernice. It feels great. Heart to heart and soul to soul connections are hard to find but I’m an hopeful optimist. They exist more than we think they do. Actually I believe since we’re all souls we all have to ability to cultivate soul to soul connections. We’re just all a bit afraid and broken 😉

      Hope all is well with you.

      Infinite peace looooove and wisdom your way!

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      1. I try to leave the TV and the News alone as much as I can. I don’t like how they try to instill unwanted fear in me. Yes there are bad things in the world but like you said, most good. And if bad things happen it’s for the sole reason to raise the global consciousness to a point of non allowance of suffering. Stay safe Bernice 🤗🤗

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  1. Food for thought… perhaps those who put too much effort into their physical strength do so to compensate for not enough mental strength for some issue in their lives, and perhaps those of us who don’t do enough, physically, those of us who carry around too much weight, burdened physically, but because of an emotional burden, perhaps completely unrelated to food?

    I’ve lost 10 lbs in the last month, simply eating what and when my body asks me to. No exercise. No big changes whatsoever… except I chose to start listening to my body, and healing my emotional wounds (thereby increasing my emotional strength… therefore the emotional weight loss is translating into physical weight loss, as I begin to spend more of my time in a place of higher (lighter) vibration.


    Great post, friend!

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    1. Thank you for your time Amanda. I think weight loss or gain is one of the best examples we can give on how thoughts turn to reality. Someone can try to loose weight without success for years. Nothing happens and they don’t understand that it is because something internally is preventing them to get the results they desire…

      I’m so glad to hear you are at a much lighter place. Good vibes. Somehow I can sense it… it’s weird lol, maybe because I’m at a much lighter place myself as well? Anyway, whatever it is keep doing what you are doing it seems to be working great for you. I’m sending you all the energy you can possibly receive or willing to receive (I have unlimited energy no worries lol).

      It ain’t easy when we do vibrationnal energy work. Things start to turn upside down. The process is chaotic. That’s why It’s important not to be so hard… to go with the flow you know? Alignment happens in the discovery of what our flow is. Better yet it happens in the discovery that we are flow. Once we know it’s like we don’t have to think about our energy so much because we become the energy we seek. I believe it’s not about finding alignment. I believe it’s about becoming the alignment. Life is about becoming who we already are. We all forget who the hell we are. But some of us are lucky enough to remember. That’s just my take on it.

      Infinite peace looooove and wisdom your way!

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      1. You’re right, friend… we both come across as much happier than we were when we first crossed paths! It is good that we grow, and fun that we grow together for a while! I am very happy to see you bringing such positive words and ‘downstream’ energy to the world through your blog… and… I’m not sure if I ever properly thanked you for pushing me one last time toward the Abraham videos, even after I put up a little resistance to it. It was the key to the next stage of my development. Or rather, the key to getting there faster than the route I was taking to get there, lol.

        I don’t find energy work ‘hard’ or ‘difficult’ per se, but I have a much different lifestyle than most almost-mid-life humans do, lol. I have a life currently engineered for the least amount of stress possible… but that’s because I was too scared to push myself… the gloves are coming off, and I intend to set the WORLD on fire (in a figurative, emotional sense, of course, LOL)

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      2. Hm. Interesting lol. I wonder how does a mid-life-human lifestyle suppose to look like? When you say you have a much different lifestyle than most almost-mid-life humans do, in reference to whom? What is your point of reference? 😊

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      3. Meaning at 36, I don’t work, don’t care for kids, am not disabled, and am not famous/independently wealthy… I literally sit at home, meditate, ponder, straigjten a house with only 2 humans and a cat… my life is one of much more relative ease and comfort than most mid-30’s persons in the Western World.

        Does that give my statement a little more… clarity? Reference?

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      4. A bit more clarity? Yes. So it is in comparison of what you think a mid-life should be according to an external point of reference. We all do that mistake. Comparison is the thief of joy.

        It sounds like you are transitioning?

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      5. Oh, yes… I have been in a near constant state of transition, and have been for nearly a year now. But up until now, the work has all been… internal. Now it’s starting to show externally. Through no conscious choice of my own, I have begun eating less meat (I was a hard-core carnivore just a year ago… now I tend to pass on the meat and reach for the rice or the vegs, just because it… feels better. I’m nicer. I’m forgiving much faster, I’m releasing old hurts, healing old wounds)

        It feels like the chapter on ‘wrapping up the past’ is nearly complete, and the next chapter is beginning. I’m not sure what it is quite yet, but it feels relationship related. Not romance, but more like life purpose relationships. Like I’ve spent this chapter working on just me, it feels like this next one will be me working WITH others, and remaining in balance.

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      6. I understand what you mean. I’m nearly on the same kind of journey as you. But you know what I realize? The internal and the external are bound together always. They are the same entity.

        But I know it’s hard to notice external changes because often time they are not physical changes (although sometimes they are like in your case you are loosing weight). But all those external changes can be seen in the little things like change of mood and better relationships. You see what I mean?

        I sometimes get moments of epiphany realizing that when I change internally it immediately affects my external surrounding. When I release resistance towards something (when I let go) for instance, since that resistance is energy and that energy cannot be destroyed nor created, the resistance I have released in me becomes someone or something resisting my changes. Does it make sense?

        If I can put it into different words, say I have a strong resistance against bees. I’m afraid of bees. The minute I choose to release that fear, I go outside and guess what shows up? A huge bee! Why? Because the resistance I have released came back to test me one more time to see if I truly have released the fear of bees. This can be applied to people and circumstances.

        The moment we desire something or make a statement, it causes the desire or the statement to take a physical form. The energy has to go somewhere. Does it make sense?

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      7. About Abraham, you know what’s funny? I came across ‘their’ work maybe couple years ago not aware of what I was listening. At that time I didn’t put much thought to it. Fast forward a year ago it totally sank in. I was ready. Despite her theatrical version of her work, the message is empowering. It’s basically just a different interpretation of the LOA. I’m glad you now find value in Esther work. It’s important to take what works for you and leave the rest.

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      8. You are so right. I, also, ran across ‘their’ work years ago, and couldn’t hear the message because I wasn’t ready, really, but I chose the theatrics to focus on, instead of the message. And, of course, you pushed me (gently) to give them a second try. You were in the place to be MY Step 2!

        I am getting the feeling, after my last post, that the work is about to switch gears again. It feels like I’m about to start MY work… if that makes sense. You know, Abraham is Esther’s work… it feels like I’m about to start seeking my own voice. Which is exciting.

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      9. Sure… this is a time-space reality, we tend to give everything a beginning and an end based on its physical state or lack thereof. I agree. There’s no end. I am eternal, and so is the work, but I think it’s… different… once we transition to the non-physical. Of course, that’s complete supposition, lol.

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  2. But to further clarify my previous statement, I was comparing myself to others, but I’m not sure if it is in the way you think? I meant that others have kids and jobs and mortgages and all this stress and worry that I simply do not share. Though, I find that I worry & fret about other things instead, so it probably balances out.

    I love that you catch on to those places where I am ‘muddy’ so to speak, and ask me to clarify them. At first, I used to feel like you were simply being too literal, but over time, I realized that you were pointing out to me the places I’m wobbling, usually. The places where my energy isn’t as clear as it could be.

    You are indeed a blessing in my life, friend. I am very happy that we found each other’s little corner of the interwebz!

    I hope you have a truly incredible day/evening!!


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    1. Lol maybe i’m too literal who knows? Some people in my life call me hippie which I don’t hate but that’s not what I would call myself. I used to get blame a lot for wrongly interpreting what people say so I started to ask deeper questions to understand so that is not as opened to interpretations. But people are really confusing to me. They don’t want people to misinterpret what they are saying but if asked too much questions they hate it because they don’t wish to explain themselves? Seems to be a loose-win situation. What I realize is that only a very selected few are willing to communicate openly and understand the power in that. And if I appear to be literal it’s only to try free the individual from the same prison I sometimes find myself in. You know what I mean?

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      1. Oh, I wasn’t trying to make you question how you deal with me or anyone else… I think it’s WONDERFUL. My point was that it was NEVER you… it was ME, with you (until I grew to a place where I was able to communicate more clearly with YOU, not the other way around. And in text alone, it’s even more difficult, since I am missing so many physical cues I’ve relied on to help me interpret.

        Perhaps that’s the gift of the digital age, it’s forcing us to clean up our own vibration, lol.

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      2. 😂 I like how you accentuate words.

        I did sense strong resistance towards me in our first interactions lol. But then I realized maybe you were to be approached differently. Or me modifying my approach lol. So who knows what happened, right? Is it me, is it you lol? Hard to tell hahaha 😂

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    2. By the way, transitioning is never easy… But once you’ve passed the turbulence, you’ll realize it was totally worth it. Never mind about your friends and your surroundings. It’s important you set your own standards. Some people appear to have “stable” lives according to a social blueprint that is not even theirs. They are automatons. Don’t blame them, we were all automatons at some point. Most people “sleep-walk” through their life thinking that’s all there is while some people wish for more. It’s totally okay to wish for more, or a different blueprint. But it’s hard when we don’t know how to get from A to B without point of references.

      Building your own blueprint Amanda is not easy but it’s totally worth it. And of course you will find bumps on the road. That’s the process of shifting frequency. My motto is `never give up, never settle` and it has proven to be beneficial every single time 😉

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      1. *laughs*
        We will agree to disagree on the definition of ‘ease’ (unless you decide you prefer my POV, lol)… for me, the transition process, while occasionally difficult, or painful (as all growth is) is not ‘not easy’, to me, remaining the way I used to be was MORE painful, MORE difficult, MORE upsetting, than making the choice to transition to a higher state of vibration.

        Yes, it involves growing pains, but those pains are bittersweet. Stagnation is simply… bitter.

        So when I disagree with you when you say ‘transition isn’t easy’ I’m not saying I think it IS easy, I’m only trying to say that I don’t look at it that way, because compared with the slow death I was experiencing before, this is LIVING, it’s not easy, but it’s a damn sight easier than staying who I used to be!


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      2. Well, that’s great I said it was not easy because I did not know where you were on a consciousness level. And for the most part the gap between the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one sets us in LIMBO (that’s what I mean by not easy, it’s the limbo state).

        Nevertheless, I like what I read coming from you really. Because I share your views on a level you would not even understand haha.

        Me too, I find transitioning fun and so freeing. You have no idea. I would never go back to my old ways. It’s not even a question. Being in a state of internal decomposition was horrible. But it`s important to have compassion for people who find the process of transitioning tough… For you or me it’s easy because our previous state was so terrible that it was a death sentence.

        You may not have the fear of the unknown or change. But most people have that fear and it’s important to understand their resistance.

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      3. Oh! Fear of the unknown… yes, I suffer from that little bugger much more than I ought to, knowing what I know, but it’s fading. Kind of hard for it not to, though, when one is presented daily with the evidence of how amazing life can be when you go with the flow.

        I think my biggest issue is communication. As you can see, I often find myself at odds with people over simple semantics. We use different words for the same or very similar energy.

        Like ‘easy’ for example. We meant the same thing, ‘the struggle part of transition’, not necessarily the degree of that struggle.

        I think that it is I who is the one which suffers from ‘literal-ism’. I need to follow your lead and start asking others for clarity until I’m sure we are on the same page. I usually stop asking people to clarify because, like you, I find them utterly perplexing… they want to be understood, but don’t want to be questioned.

        Ohhh… this is GOOD stuff! 😀

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      4. Honestly, I think we are pretty close, as far as our usual state of being… we just struggle with our own individual issues. Because we seem to take that leap of understanding at about the same time, lol.

        It’s SO nice to have someone to talk about this stuff with, but who doesn’t necessarily know the old ME… who just deals with and accepts me where I am in this moment.

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      5. Out with the old, in with the new 😉

        But of course when we change, if we still around people who knew us when we were on a different frequency… Things get pretty tricky because some of them are really attached to our old image… Not necessarily because they hate us but because it reflects on them. Some of them find safety and security in our old image because it implies they don’t have to change.

        This is caused by the mirror effect.

        We all can only experience the world through the Eye of Self which means when we see something in others we don’t recognize in us it causes resistance. Then only two choices abide : acceptance or rejection.

        Acceptance means we have to modify part of us internally to integrate that new element, which not a lot of people are willing to do.

        Basic example… say someone decides to become a Vegan but all her friends are avid Carnivores. Now of course this will create resistance because it reflects on their eating habits. Many people become defensive when they feel their integrity is under attack.

        Another example… say someone chooses to quit their job to finally open a wellness center. Obviously, this will create a lot of resistance. This will cause his friends and surroundings to reflect on their own dreams and life (subconsciously)… If they are not at a good place or if they gave up on their dreams, you understand how it will make them feel. Little that he knows, the way they behave towards him has nothing to do with him starting a business.

        Does it make sense?

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      6. Perfect sense! I completely, 100% understand and comprehend all of this stuff on an intellectual level. It makes SO much sense to me when I hear it, read it, even speak it myself at times… my problems stem mostly from practical application/timing issues, poor communication skills, and not maintaining awareness.

        That’s why I talk about it so much on my blog, in real life (people are sick of me, lol), and listen to it nearly every waking moment. I’m basically living nearly completely immersed in this information… and I really think it helps me on those rare occasions I step away from it (watching tv with my husband, socializing, family, etc)… so it makes perfect sense that I would struggle with the people-ing parts… I avoid them in person, so I don’t get much practice, LOL

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      7. Oooh okay I know what you mean. It’s funny you say this because I was nearly there not so long ago. But I found peace in understanding my journey is nobody elses. And their journey is theirs.

        However I know how it feels when we discover something so good we want everyone we love on the same train than we are because it is sooo good to us (more fools more fun right?).

        For the most part, it comes from a loving place when we speak about it. Thing is, whatever information we are not ready to receive creates resistance in us.

        I freed myself when I finally understood what it was all about. It’s about total acceptance of self without the need of acceptance of the non-self. The non-self is everything that is not self (external people and circumstances) but yet it’s about realizing the non-self is part of self.

        Can a Vegan be Vegan around Carnivores? Of course. Can an enlightened being be enlightened around people who are “asleep”? Of course. But if it is poison, sometimes it’s better to seek similar energy and frequency.

        However, I think being able to be our own unique individual in a crowd, is what it’s all about. It often creates less resistance when we show by example. It`s best to let people come to their own conclusion of what is best for them while continuing doing what is good for us and keep the belief that the Universe always conspires in helping us become our greatest version 😉

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  3. *smiles* I know exactly what happened… two souls who were meant to meet, learn from one another, and grow in the same direction for a while did so, and were clever enough (or whose inner beings were clever enough) to follow the impulses we received.

    Either of us could have brushed the other off as ‘not meant for me’, or ‘not on my level’… but look at all the delightful conversation we would have missed!

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